Saturday, 8 September 2012

A trip to the coast

Work commitments this week have slowed down my painting....My large canvas was getting me very frustrated, at this stage I put the canvas away for a week or two and then return to it with new eyes....In the meantime I got out my watercolour box and doodled around. Usually I mix watercolour with other mediums, or rip the painting up and use it for backgrounds to acrylic collage, but in this painting watercolour is combined with just a bit of watercolour pencil. A couple of years ago I visited Marrakesh...this watercolour was based on a photo I took on a day trip away from the searing heat to the coast...I love textiles and the colours and textures of this market display fill me with excitement!! I think I bought one of those bags, or one very similar.....and if I had taken a larger suitcase probably would have brought back a few more!



My number five is a sunny September sky filled with the red taken this morning from Morrison's car park!!

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  1. Such beautiful muted, gentle colours. The painting is extra interesting because the colours are so different from those used for Marrakesh, and shoe a different side to the place and people. Love it.


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