Sunday, 21 October 2012



 As October grows older I grow more aware of the onset of winter. As most of my close friends know I dislike the cold immensely, I think May is my favourite month as I can look forward to the summer ahead, bringing warmth and light. As October progresses and small mammals get ready for hibernation I find myself feeling rather envious of them, wishing I to could curl up in a bed of leaves, waking in spring....

Hieronymus Bosch (detail)

The figure in my painting reminds me of of the elongated forms in medieval painting such as Bosch, perhaps she has been asleep a long time.....

The layers were built up as collage, I then painted in elements and altered images to create a overall tone. As you can see I originally incorporated a tree, but I didn't like it so removed it.

Below are details of the layers of paper and paint. I added lots of gold glazes which reflect the light and make it difficult to photograph well. I'll try and improve the photographs when I have some time :)

Wake me up in spring :)


  1. A beautiful painting, so full of colour and interest. Yes, she is so likevthecelongated figures of Bosch, and also a hint of elongated fashion drawings, which I've been spending a lot of time studying. There's something about figures like ths. Lovely painting to examine closely.

  2. This is the one I was trying to remember yesterday.I love it!

  3. This is the one I was trying to remember yesterday.I love it!


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