Sunday, 11 November 2012

Constructing christmas

Only 43 days to Christmas I'm told, normally that would not fill me with a huge amount of excitement believing that Christmas should stay firmly in December... however..

whilst at the trafford centre  in Manchester yesterday I saw this!! At first glance a stylish looking minimalistic tree, but on closer inspection the whole thing was made from Lego!
Standing at nine metres tall the 2012 Lego Christmas tree is made from 350,000 bricks, featuring 108 branches and 450 special Lego baubles.
The tree was built by certified professional Lego builder Duncan Titmarsh, who started the project on October 20th. It was unveiled on November 1st.

I love It..Lego is hugely tactile  and reminds me of past childhood Christmas mornings, perhaps that's why I liked it so much.:)


  1. I can't believe that tree was made from Lego - it looks so realistic. Thanks for the photos - gives me something to think about. The one with the female figure in the shop window behind the tree is intriguing.
    Never been to the Trafford Centre, but Liverpool One is not bad for an occasional visit. Pity it's not covered like the Trafford Centre.

  2. Not sure how I feel about a Lego Tree! can see its appeal to kids and the inner child we all have inside of us. Lego always felt too hard for me, I preferred stickle bricks! :)


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