Saturday, 5 January 2013


I always find January a dark month, the sparkle and fizzle of Christmas and new year is gone and in the UK  we are left with rather dull, dark skies. I decided to defy the weather and have a trip to the lake district thinking that the wind whistling down the hills and across lake windermere might clear the cobwebs. Hmmmmmm...

The photo doesn't show how low the cloud was and how damp the wind felt! Even the swans looked depressed....sought solace looking around the little shops In Bowness, Red Gecko had loads of lovely things, most lovely thing? Shop door covered  in small pieces of Newspaper! maybe I need to do that to my front door, there's an idea..... :)

 The sign on the door said ' dogs and cats allowed' must remember to bring my cat next time I visit..... it made me smile on a dark day....
decided to follow the newspaper theme and started to stick down newspaper into my sketchbook....

Then I used bubblewrap and acrylic paint printing to build up a textured background..........

 Finally I added my Dragonfly in collaged paper and paint.

 I read somewhere that dragonflies use 80% of their brain to process information from their eyes.. to see the world through a dragonflies eyes must be an amazing thing.


  1. Love that you found and acted upon your inspiration!

    1. Thanks Annie, inspiration often creeps up very unexpectedly.. :)

  2. Hi Morag
    You were brave facing that weather in the Lake District.
    Your mixed media Dragonfly painting is gorgeous. It was a combination of seeing your beautiful collages and the collage swap backgrounds I have to do this week that reminded me I'd never posted one of my own.

    So different from your gorgeous work - I wish I could make something like those even a quarter as good.

  3. Thanks Jez..although you are far to modest! your collage made me smile, it has great humour. Collage can be so many things. for me I find it spans the gap between painting and textiles..almost like making a patchwork out of paper and paint..but the main thing is its fun. :)


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