Monday, 26 August 2013

Raspberry jam

 The past week I have been down the rather overgrown raspberry patch picking raspberries to make jam. I love raspberries, they are my favourite fruit, and one which Scotland does surprisingly well!!
This year the berries are a little late, probably because of the harsh winter and awful spring, but they have finally arrived.

I also decided to do a little outdoor sketching as the weather was so good.
I don't often outdoor paint but I have found neocolor crayons ideal for doing quick outdoor painting.

Do a quick sketch...add a little water...

 Hey presto!! I just love neocolor, the colours are so intense.

After I have picked them I make jam the lazy way in my breadmaker. It has a programme for jam making and makes about 1 jars worth in an hour. Means I can set it going and go outside to pick some more raspberries and enjoy the sunshine.Got to be better than standing watching a boiling pot of jam and the result tastes just as good.

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  1. Oh, I can almost taste that delicious jam! How lucky you are to have those raspberries. Your painting is beautiful and summery...a wonderful way to remember the warm summer days when the weather turns cold.

  2. Your raspberry page looks so nice! The one with the red blossoms is beautiful, too! And the raspberries: Hhhmmmm lecker....
    Have nice day

  3. You make my mouth watering here ;) I LOOOOVE raspberrie! Wonderful your sketch to have a reminder to the beauty of the summer in your garden ♥ Conny

  4. aah yes, we have raspberries plentiful and they are soo good! I'm always amazed by someone like you who can "just go and make a quick sketching". That's talent and your sketch is so beautiful!

  5. Beautiful painting, and as you say the colours are so bright.
    You raspberries look so good they make my mouth water. I was stunned by the idea of making jam in a breadmaker. So I just went to look at ours, a Logik, and lo and behold it has a jam program! I wonder if I'll be brave enough, I do miss home-made jam.
    Lovely to see the stages of the painting.

  6. Such a beautiful creation, so green and full of natures beauty, that jam will be sooo good too! Enjoy!

  7. Wonderful use of colors!So delicate and magical!

  8. I adore raspberries your art is beyond wonderful and captured them perfectly.

  9. Love the painting - I'm a big fan of neocolors too. And I had no idea you could make jam in a bread maker!

  10. Very nice! I love raspberries too-- we have black raspberry bushes that do quite well.


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