Sunday, 18 May 2014

mermaid on a box!

Last week I mentioned I had something under-wraps.

I gave you a little sneaky peep on Wednesday but couldn't show too much as the box was a birthday present for a dear friend who had mentioned she liked my mermaids.

The box was bought ready made from a gift shop. It was just a plain cream box, lined, but apart from that just in need of some va va voom!

I wrapped the parts I didn't want to get messy in newspaper.

So when I was done it was a quick unwrap.

Minimum mess.

Here are a few detailed shots.

The tail was made from collaged aluminium. I painted acrylics over the top and then scratched through. The silver glistens through the paint like silver fish scales.

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  1. Nice blue-green color combination. And the craftsmanship of the box!

  2. Oh this is truly stunning I love the texture and colours. I bet your friend loved it.

    A bit late for WOYWW this week, but thanks for visitng my desk already

  3. Wow this is fabulous what a treasure...excellent work.

  4. GORGEOUS!! Stunning work....thank you so much for taking all the close up photos too!! Wow impressive...she should absolutely love it!! Great colors too the blue and green together make it even more beautiful not to mention the wonderful texture and sheen!! You are inspiring me to change up a box I have!! You should check out some thrift stores to alter old jewelry boxes!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. REALLY SPECIAL...I would like to give this a try. Do you teach?

  6. I had to try and think of another word to describe this box as I have used the word beautiful a lot to describe your pieces. I came up with another word that I think describes it to a tee and that word is 'Exquisite'. She has such a pretty face and I love her blue hair. Your friend is very lucky.

  7. amazing work. It looks beautiful and so special. Gorgeous box!

  8. It's absolutely gorgeous, what a very lucky friend! x

  9. This is so magical. Lovely!

  10. oh my, she is going to LOVE it! It looks gorgeous ♥


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