Sunday, 19 July 2015

The beauty of small things

 I love big expansive landscapes, although within those landscapes I am always drawn to small details.

 Textural grasses, delicate leaves and jewel like blooms.

When I photograph landscapes I usually get down on the ground  to fill the foreground of the image, it's almost as if I'm small animal peering through the wild grasses! Looking down as well as around always unearths small treasures.

 Amongst the grasses nestle Marsh marigolds, or as I have always called them 'Kingcups'. They are like giant buttercups and they really glow in the sunlight.
I took these photos a few weeks ago when they were at their best, it's been a good year for Kingcups.

I painted them in my sketchbook.

 They inspired my new collage painting...


I built up many layers of paper and paint.



Blanket of kingcups mixed media on canvas


  1. morag, both your watercolor painting and your collage capture the kingcups perfectly! as a struggling flower painter, i'm impressed!

  2. I love how your work seems to glow :)

  3. You really do manage to capture some beautiful detail in your work, and those King Cups are such a gloriously sunny yellow, they would cheer anyone up on a dull winters day. I love your photography technique too, but I would have to do it when no one was around, once down, I struggle to get up again! ha ha!!

  4. Such beauty here as always! Your love of nature and the reflection in your art is clear, you must be enjoying a beautiful Summer in bonny Scotland. Such a lovely fresh sketch of Marigolds and your collage painting is rich and swept with Summer breezes, a real treat!

  5. I love how nature inspires you - your love of it truly shows!

  6. How magical..such a gorgeous color spectrum..a visual feast for the soul! I love your kingcups and love how you described peering through the wild grasses when creating! Everything you create always has a powerful impact on me..beautiful and layered with the soul! amazing work my friend! Shine on!

  7. Your painting reminds me of JEWELS! :) Beautiful work Morag, I love to see how your inspiration developed into the final artwork.
    Jess xx

  8. So vibrant and beautiful. I especially love your sketch. It would make a nice greeting card. I love how you capture the landscapes in your paintings and getting down low to the ground to take your photos explains the composition in many of your pieces. It really does change the whole perspective when you lower the camera. Beautiful Morag!

  9. Once again, the colours and textures are so captivating. I can almost see kites and little boats around the shore line! Gorgeous!


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