Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Collage Klimt style

Artists playroom challenge

The APR challenge this week is linked to the fact that  March the 8th was international women day. I decided to look at which Artists representations of women have inspired me.
My favourite Art movement is the Pre-raphaelite period, a time of poetic romanticism, however my favourite Artist is Gustav Klimt. A few years ago the Tate in Liverpool housed a huge Klimt exhibition one of the framed pieces I bought after seeing the original in the exhibition was sea snakes I. For my birthday last month I received the beautiful sea snakes II. Both hang next to my easel, as constant inspiration, the luminescent gold brightening the darkest of days. My mixed media collage on watercolour paper is a Klimtesque style piece..

File:Klimt - Wasserschlangen I (Freundinnen).jpeg
sea snakes I wikepedia commons
File:Klimt - Wasserschlangen.jpg
sea snakesII wikepedia commons
I first drew the figure basing the womans face on sea snakes I. Then  I collaged the background using found and handmade papers. The dragonfly paper I printed earlier and my post on Sunday showed  how it was made, I'm pleased with the effect and will try out other printing experiments.

The background texture is a combinaton of acrylic, paper and gesso. I then used colour pencils and fine line markers on some areas after it had dried.

The hair applied last is cut from paper and foils.


As a post script, as this weeks topic is women I would like to dedicate this post to a very inspirational woman and a very dear friend who passed away at the weekend after a long battle with cancer.
She was a beautiful and delicate spirit yet also fiercely courageous. One of the bravest women I have known.
Taken far too soon.....
Sweet dreams


  1. beautiful picture, she looks so calm and at peace just like Anne is now. thinking of you and all those that were lucky enough to know such a wonderful person. all my love mum ,xxxxxx

  2. Love your Klimt collage Morag and nice to see how you have incorporated your dragonflys from your printing experiments....creative and inventive as always and a beautiful dedication your post is to your friend, so sorry to hear that news.

  3. you did an absolutely beautiful job and since I don't know Klimt I had to look to see which was yours, it's that good. beautiful,

  4. wow!! just BEautimous, Morag. very BEautifully done!!

    I don't usually look to see what others are up to until AFTER I post my APR, but this week I was curiouser than NOT so I have let you all inspire me. and I got a really good idea from what you shared in your dedication.

    thank you much

  5. Your Klimt collage is beautiful. I am always full of admiration for your collages, the lovely colours and design, and the way you make them. The patience and skill it takes to create the hair just knocks me out!
    This one was so good with the added touch of using your dragonfly print pieces.
    I remember the Klimt exhibition at the Tate, it was so good. I am not a lover of all Klimt's work, love the colours, as I find over-decorative, but I loved all his other works, particularly the drawings. I think that's just because my main loves are drawings and prints.
    A touching tribute to your friend, it is so sad and difficult to cope with such loss.

  6. The women collage is beautiful! It matches perfectly with the dragonflys! Many thanks for your lovely wirds too. It has made me feel much better to know that you are also busy with a fulltime job. With regard to your question, yes I drew the swirls.
    Have a nice week!

  7. What a beautiful collage Morag. Every aspect of it is so intriguing.
    It is a wonderful tribute to the memory of someone you loved :0) mo

  8. Simply Incredible! I really love this piece. Klimt is my favorite too and I did a very literal translation of The Kiss a few years ago which is still my favorite piece. Maybe I'll buy one of his prints to go in my new house. :)

    1. Thank you Annie, I had a feeling you liked Klimt! You use such bright and vibrant colours and pattern. I have loads of klimt prints, my reasoning being you can never have enough beautiful things :)


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