Saturday 6 July 2013

25x25 exhibition

The Skyeworks gallery on the Isle of skye is holding a charity exhibition for the month of July showing local artists work. The only thing is none of the pieces are signed on the front so the Artists names remain a secret until they are sold, when the buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity from the artist with a description and title of the work! Clever eh!!


I have a piece on show but can't post it or that would spoil the surprise. However the works are now available to view and buy HERE if you want to take a look.

If you visit my blog you probably can guess which is my piece!! :)

proceeds of the sale will go to the   St Kilda row

This is scheduled to take place the summer of 2014 and the challenge is to row the hundred miles from the remote Island of St Kilda back home to Portree on the Isle of Skye to the some 100 miles away!

The boat!!

Portree Harbour

I was amazed to find this is the boat they will be rowing the distance in! Built in the 1890's and last used in 1918 I hope it is up to the job! The sea around the Hebrides can be very daunting even in summer.
The row is to raise money for the  RNLI Lifeboat charity and Skye and Lochalsh young carers and I wish the expedition every success.




  1. As you say, it's not too difficult to spot your piece! Another beauty. I hope the exhibition goes really well and sells everything out. It's certainly going to a couple of good causes. A nice way to be able to help a charity, pleasing the artist and the buyer.

  2. Thank you Jez! I thought you might spot my canvas fairly easily :)

  3. Lovely piece Morag! A great way of raising funds and a beautiful contribution from you x


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