Sunday, 12 October 2014

Moonlight , Hares and Charity exhibition news!

Moonlight and Hares

I thought I might let you in on a wee secret..... this little piece is one of my entries to Skyeworks charity exhibition ' Home to the Hills'
It is an anonymous exhibition, meaning that artists do not sign their works on the front and buyers only find out the identity of the artist once the piece has been purchased.
The exhibition opened yesterday and Moon light and Hares sold almost straight away! Each piece is a set price with at least £25 from each sale going to Skye mountain rescue

Skye is a very mountainous island. Mountaineers come from all over the world to climb the heady peaks of the Cuillin mountains and the rescue team are there to provide an invaluable service to help injured or lost climbers and walkers. The team are volunteers who rely heavily on charitable donations to buy equipment.

Skye MRT Logo
mountain rescue
Paintings are available to buy from the gallery but also through their facebook page. The gallery mail not only to the UK but all over the world for very reasonable shipping charges.

If you would like to check out the selection of paintings for sale click *HERE*
I have four other pieces in the exhibition, see if you can guess which ones........ ;)

Anyway as moonlight and hares has now sold I thought I would share its making with you.

Mr Hare was drawn onto the canvas. I used lots of paper and foil pieces to create the background.

If you look very carefully you may spot the deep purple foil of a cadbury chocolate Easter egg wrapper! ( Waste not, want not)

 I love combining the reflective qualities of foil and paper. The sky was painted, I decided I wanted a uniform blue and that was easier to achieve using just acrylic paint.

I did ponder a while over the little hare silhouette, should he be black....?

Or silver?....
In the end I decided on silver...

Fingers crossed my other pieces will soon be off to new homes ..........  ;)

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as a post script another of my pieces has sold.. Yay!! so I will do a post on it and its making ASAP :)


  1. Congrats Morag. I love all the foil bits. Best excuse for eating Cadbury Easter eggs I've ever heard. Good luck with the others.

  2. Yes, I will cross my fingers for you, for your 3 other pictures to find a new home!
    Your hare is adorable! And I like so much to see how you do your paintings with all that piper stripes and foils for the background. Thank you so much!!

  3. Very attractive and one of a kind!

  4. I remember this! :) - really pleased to hear it was one of the first pieces to be sold, and a great idea to raise funds for the Mountain Rescue Team. I really like a place to rest, the cat looks very comfy and love the washing blowing around on the line :)

  5. Your work is a treat, I'm sure it will all sell off quickly, there is magic and beauty in your work!

  6. Ha, I thought the purple foil looked familiar ... ;-)
    Amazing colours once again, and such a fascinating way to work. No wonder it's sold. Keeping my thumbs up that all the other ones will sell as well!

  7. It's just wonderful, no surprise at all that it sold so fast! Always a pleasure to see your process. And I picked out your other paintings too from the facebook page - no problem!

  8. I think you made the right choice with the silver, he looks gorgeous! I love shiny chocolate wrappers and I've tried in the past to use in a painting but I can't get them to stick! (I've used PVA glue). Could I ask what you use to stick it down with? xx

  9. It's beautiful Morag! Now we like it even more, being great Cadbury fans. We were drawn to the picture straight away & visit it every day until we can take it home from the exhibition.
    Lynne & Simon

  10. Beautiful painting for a worth cause Morag. Thank you for sharing your process. Hugs Annette x

  11. I'm not surprised it sold straight away....I'd have bought it!! You know I love hares so much, my house is full of paintings and statues of them..... And doing the background hare in silver was inspired, he's being lit by the moon :-)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I've missed you on WOYWW. Having changed internet providers, I lost all my followed blog statuses, so now I've found you again, I can rejoin the followers and see what you're up to!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  12. I absolutely love your painting of the hare and I'm not surprised it sold straight away - I wish you lots of luck with your other ones - I'm pretty sure I picked yours out quite easily from the selection - you have a distinctive style and a wonderful way of using colour. Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier - I appreciate it.

  13. Wonderful piece, love the torn paper background! Valerie

  14. Stunning absolutely wonderful! So happy it proud you must be! Thanks for sharing your process...I figured that foil was from candy. It's wonderful to enlarge each photo and see each detail! I'm excited to see the others!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Absolutely AMAZING! love it, love the colors and texture. EVERYTHING!!

  16. I can see why it sold right away-this is gorgeous! And for a worthy cause too. I bet your others sell too:)

  17. No surprise that this went quickly! What a great way to use foil wrappers, I sometimes use them too but not like this. Love your hare with his alert expression and the hare running on the horizon.

  18. congrats on the sale for such a worthy cause.I always donate my bags of unwanted stuff to the air ambulance and the rnli..they do such a marvellous job..I love your art and am not surprised it was snapped to check that link

  19. Wonderful hare portrait. Adding the silhouette is just the right touch. I'm glad it sold but I would expect it to. It is beautiful.

  20. Well I can see why this piece sold so fast. It is fabulous and the buyer is a lucky person.

  21. This bunny is super. And I like how you made the background with all those little foil and paper pieces before painting. Thanks for showing your technique. Have a great weekend.

  22. Gosh what a wonderful process! I love seeing the foils and the sneaky purple cadbury wrapper. Congrats on the sale. What a great cause too. Thanks for sharing :) Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  23. Congrats on your sales, Morag. Always a pleasure to see your art, and thanks for sharing the process. I like your piece, bur the hare in front is my favorite, look at all those layers of color. Beautiful!

  24. So nicely done & so happy for the success!


  25. Congratulations! How clever you are. I can see why this painting sold right away. It is delightfully whimsical. You are such a creative artist. Wow!

  26. Wow! That piece is absolutely magnificent. I love your technique and how you made the colors really pop out. I'm sure that artwork will regale a home with its elegance and beauty. I hope the charity event becomes a huge success. Thanks so much for sharing that! Wishing everyone the best of luck!

    Norman Watkins @ Giving Works

  27. Stunning colours created by the foil, Morag. The hare is adorable. I bet all of your pieces will sell. The textures and colours and layers are always so alluring in your art work!


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