Monday, 24 November 2014

little houses and grasses

I have been keeping busy making more little wooden collaged panels.

I used lots of gold papers and gilt flakes on this little piece.

It is a little larger than my usual wooden pieces.

During the summer I spent time gathering and drawing grasses and seed-heads ( sorry about photo quality, this was drawn outside and photographed on my mobile)
 For me landscapes are about wide open space punctuated by details. Flowers, little houses and grasses.

The grasses have lots of crackle glaze over them. If you look carefully you can see some of the text paper under the glaze. I love how layering can reveal secrets.

And two more panels to add to the mix.... These two are smaller.

More patterns peep through the layers.

I am really enjoying painting little houses in my landscapes at the moment and combining them with paper layers of pattern and texture.

Hello to everyone visiting from Paint party friday


  1. What beautiful little panels. I love the finished version but I would be equally happy with the unfinished version on my wall as I think it's so beautiful at that stage too. I also love the seed heads on the last one - they remind me of late summer - I can almost smell the fresh air and feel the warmth on me!

  2. wonderful to see your seed head paintings
    such a wonderful theme to explore
    and i love the house too
    sweet week to you

  3. It's always lovely to come visit your blog. The nature that surrounds your comes to life in your works. These are all lovely!

  4. These are all so rich and beautiful, full of that enchanting Scottish wildness, real favourites!

  5. Oh I agree about the secrets peeking out...Stunning pieces all three...I love them! Your style is gorgeous!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Lots of beautiful work this week! Valerie

  7. Beautifully designed and created Morag. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Really gorgeous work Morag! Happy PPF

  9. Exquisite little cottage and grasses painting... so beautiful and I love the texture too
    I bet these are stunning in real life ;D
    Happy belated PPF to you

  10. These are a feast for the eyes Morag. So much detail and such wonderful colours.

  11. I would LOVE to see and touch your pieces in reality. All that texture and those wonderful colours ....

  12. Wonderful! I especially like the one with all of the gold flake on it! Beautiful! Happy PPF!

  13. These are so beautifully coloured and patterned and very unusual.
    I especially like the last one with the little houses and the exotic flowers in the meadow.


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