Tuesday, 11 November 2014

wild grass and 15 crofts

 My work has been becoming more abstract recently
The weather is becoming darker and the wind colder.

... Perhaps that is why I want to create atmosphere rather than pictorial representation in my wooden panels.

My colours are becoming more autumnal, russets, golds and deep reds.

my skies are becoming darker and stormier.

sketchbook page acrylic and ink

my sketchbook experiments are echoing the darker months.
 Sheep huddled together for warmth, surrounded by dark brooding skies.

My wooden panels are cut and then sanded with my hand sander.. it is a great machine that saves lots of time.

I work on several at the same time, that way each panel can dry while I work on the next, creating continuity. I hate waiting for things to dry... often a heatgun can blister glue and gesso and so I am careful not to apply too much heat.

The wild grass panels are coated with layers of gesso and paint. While I am waiting for it to dry I begin building up texture on my next panel.

 The 15 crofts piece begins to take on a more abstract form. the oblong shapes representing the little fields in front of the shoreline. I use lots of gold leaf and foils as well as paper and acrylic paint.

The wild grass panels are given a sprinkling of cosmic shimmer mist through some plastic netting,

I cut lots of gold paper strips for the tall grasses.

wild grass1

 My wild grass 1 and 2 are complete....

wild grass 2

And to finish the third panel 15 small cottages are added along with a couple of sheep to finish' 15 crofts'.

15 crofts

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  1. I'm so impressed by your creativity, and your pieces looks so beautiful. Interesting to read how your colors changes along with the time of year. Personally I start to use spring colors when there's no light left. Lovely and inspiring post.

  2. I thank you so much for showing how you did this (an so many other) of your wonderful pictures. It's always so interesting to see the way you work.
    I like you wild-grass-pictures very much!
    Ciao Beate

  3. Wonderful texture, amazing process and enticing autumn colours. Could you explain what crofts are? I looked it up and I found out that crofts are a small enclosed area, owned by a croftsman who has tenure of the land, but am wondering if that is what you are showing?

    1. Thank you Renee. A croft refers not only to the small fenced field but also the house upon it. Crofting is particular to the Scottish highlands especially the islands. Farms do not really exist and the land is managed by Crofting. Small pieces of land on protected tenancies which are handed down through the generations. The land is poor so really only suitable for sheep and most people have a few sheep but have another job as well for income. The painting shows the small houses at the top of the small rectangle field which forms the croft.

  4. I love wild grass 2 - I have never seen this kind of art being done before, I like the idea of working on wood. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your process is so beautifully intuitive with the seasons! Really gorgeous all the textures and layers. How the mood is produced to mirror the season is really spectacular...but your colours are so rich and happy in comparison to the darkness of the authentic. Happiness exudes off your artwork!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. It's interesting to see that you are dabbling with a touch of abstraction in your pieces. Have you created pieces like this in the past? Because if this is your first time you have turned out amazing results. They are all amazing but my favourite is 15 crofts.I love to see your process pics too.

  7. These are so rich and beautiful, the colours are favourites of mine and perfect for this season, it's such a pleasure visiting here. I love your atmospheric abstract landscapes, a real treat for the eyes!

  8. Gorgeous work Morag, I really enjoyed reading about your process. I love that handy little sander, I want one! :) I also really love how your work is reflecting the changing of the seasons. Beautiful colour.
    Jess xx

  9. Lovely work again! I like to work parallel on several pieces at once for the same reason - don't like waiting around til it dries. Valerie

  10. Dear Morag, those pieces are stunning. So beautiful, so inspiring. Amazing work!

  11. Inspirations from Mother Nature is something I love deeply. Representations in some from or the other is, I believe, a kind of tribute to our Mother :)
    Love each and every piece you have displayed here...Gorgeous colors and textures. LOVE the gold strings :)
    HPPF from Deepa

  12. what incredibly marvelous art projects!! I love the abstract quality, how you art from atmosphere and texture. Always a treat to see your art.

  13. I enjoyed seeing how you put together your beautiful art. I love the autumnal colors you have been using. Your sheep piece reminded me of the sheep farm I passed this morning. For the first time ever, all the sheep, probably 75 or so, were lying down except one. They usually are some up and some down. I wondered if they were trying to keep warm since it is cold here today.

  14. One word: WOW! I'm always fascinated by the way you build your paintings. Such a unique style you have!

  15. I always love reading your words, and hearing your thoughts..your artistic soul shines through all of your pieces..incredibly beautiful art.. I love that you too are guided by the seasons..inspiring and magical!

  16. Oh I love your style. Great colors, texture, so much to see!!!
    Thanks for visiting me!

  17. Beautiful, colorful pieces. Thank you for showing the process. It's so nice to see how a piece of artwork evolves. Happy PPF, Rasz #67

  18. Very interesting Wild Grass paintings. I love the red ruby color you have used, so lush and autumnal. Happy PPF

  19. Thank you so much for all the progress shots, really a treat. I love watching how your work is progressing and changing - beautiful.

  20. You are so generous to think to take these photos to show your process and to tell us of a land far from my home. I feel like I have traveled and had an art lesson at the same time. What a treat!. Thank you. xoxo

  21. more fabulous work..I tend to like working with wool when the autumn starts drawing in and would love to be surrounded by sheep in the hills like you are

  22. Oh my goodness just LOVE these pieces! Beautiful!

  23. Hi Morag. These are beautiful in both colors and textures. I really love seeing your process. Yesterday on a road trip home I was taking pictures of our very flat landscape. The colors were so subtle and pretty. I printed some photos off and started my first painting (with a girl in it of course) and my colors are so spring-like. I must be in denial about winter. But this can't be because I love fall and winter's color palette.


  24. More amazing colors and textures! You've been so busy! Love it, xo

  25. You are so talented and have so much inside of you. I love the abstract and thanks for showing how you created this lovely piece.

  26. These are gorgeous Morag. I love the warm colours. It always amazes me how much material goes into your work.


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