Thursday, 5 March 2015

collage with thread

Well I am still recuperating from my foot fracture, thanks for all your well wishes, they really cheered me up.
Life on crutches is very frustrating and I have been looking for ways to fill my time that require minimal movement. Painting you would think would be simple with one leg, and it is! Cleaning up though is not so quite so simple!
 Crutches require both arms and hands, so cleaning brushes, emptying water, in fact getting messy is really not good. Collage making too, with glue and paper is equally messy and difficult.
Sewing however is not messy, It can be done with my foot elevated and pedal-less! I discovered my machine can be used without the foot pedal, using a switch on the machine instead... simple!! This made me very happy.. ;)

I made a stack of paper cloth over christmas which was fortunate and used stitch instead of glue to collage everything together,

This gives you an idea of scale, it is reasonably large.

you may also remember my ' cast off' crochet blanket, well it is growing slowly.....

It probably wont be finished by the time my leg cast is removed, however I am not expecting miracles and know it will be a little while till I can throw away the crutches, so I will be needing a sofa project for a wee while yet!

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  1. beautiful and i see you have that foot up. Many years when I had same as you. I was told foot up.
    To not get that foot swollen.

    Your work is so artistic. I love it.

  2. I'm so glad that you are managing to carry on creating such beautiful work even in adversity. Your blanket is coming on a treat.

  3. How gorgeous your work is, so great you are finding ways to keep creative and this is stunning! You have a wonderful way with the things you creatively put together, rich and so beautiful! That blanket looks so colourful and happy too! All the best for quick healing! xx

  4. Beautiful, vibrant and very creative. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.

  5. Your collage is beautiful - I will look forward to seeing that :) - instead of "casting on" you will be casting off tomorrow, literally ;o)

  6. Looking at your beautiful artwork is such a pleasure! Where do you get all these wonderful ideas from? Get well soon and all the best for the poor foot!

  7. Love your stitched collage work, and hope that you will soon be fit again! Valerie

  8. Morag this is stunning!! I absolutely love that twinkly night sky in the left hand corner. The whole thing is just beautiful. I love how you have turned the negative of breaking your ankle into a positive by finding a new less messy way to create. As for your crochet blanket - I love it so much. I keep saying this but I really must learn to crochet - I keep seeing so many amazing things on Pinterest that folk have crocheted and this is no exception!

  9. magnificent result!

    happy PPF!

  10. This is marvellous, I especially like the lilac patchwork type area beneath the sea, and then the leaves collaged on top, but I love this whole piece, it's very beautiful.
    Top marks for being able to paint and use your sewing machine - sewing without the foot pedal sounds interesting. Hope you are back to "normal" soon.
    Your crochet blanket looks lovely and cosy too with all these colours.

  11. LOVE your gorgeous stitched project!! Looks like your colorful blanket is coming along quite nicely too. Happy PPF!

  12. Oh how gorgeous! So glad you found a way to keep the creative momentum going! Love everything. The colourful blanket is so fun! Feel better quickly! Sending healing vibes!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have visited your previous work and i am so glad to see you are inspired by the sea and the mermaids. I live in a sunny town by the Aegean. The sun and the sea are a big part of my life energy. And I believe in mermaids :) This year i have started a weekly project to paint/ print on fabric for 52 weeks. Your fabric collages are really inspiring. I may try stitching fabric and paper again. I hope your leg will get well soon. If you get bored on the sofa i may recommend an animation movie by Hayao Miyazaki "The Little Mermaid Ponio". It is a different take on mermaids. Cheers from Turkey to Scotland :)

  14. Wow, it's truly beautiful! I don't there's anything that could stop you from creating!

  15. this is a gorgeous piece of work! I especially like it that the middle part is more of a faded colour. I cannot imagine how you do these things. But it is handy having a sewing machine that you can use without the foot pedal. Hope you'll be back on your legs real quick!

  16. glad you are feeling a bit better,though you must be very frustrated... mind you the sewn artwork is absolutely amazing... just the thought of a sewing machine brings me out in hives so I am doubly impressed...xx

  17. As I have looked at nor done this sort of art in a long time now, it was very refreshing to see yours here today. Simply wondrous what one can do with sewing free form this way. I love your results. Do hope you continue to heal well and quickly.

  18. Sorry it has been a long time since I have popped on bye, sorry for that, life is difficult with work and life. So sorry to hear about your foot, do take it easy. Just a little hint as this worked for me when I was on crutches, use a bucket to carry all your art supplies to the sink that need cleaning or put it on a chair with castors and roll it along as you go. Love your work.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  19. It's stunning Morag! You're so clever with stitch! Talking of which, I'm very impressed with your crocheted blanket. I pleased with the one I made, it's so lovely and warm to wrap around me in the evenings. It must be quite useful for you too if you can't move about too much. Even during the making of it my knees were nice and cosy! It lovely to hear you can still create, I hope it's not too long before you're back to normal. I bet you can't wait! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Jess xx

  20. Morag,
    That is amazing what you can do with a sewing machine and paper! Wonderful texture, movement and colour, as usual!

    I hope your foot heals well for you and you keep figuring out ways to adjust and keep creating! So far, I think you are doing a splendid job of solving your challenges!

    Warm and clear blue skies to you,

  21. Wow, your textile project is beautiful - such gorgeous colours and textures. I have never heard of a machine that works without the pedal, but what a brilliant idea! I love the blanket - it's so vibrant. Happy crocheting,
    Diana x


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