Monday, 3 March 2014

29 faces best bits

After a month of February faces I thought I would put my favourites together in a little collage.

These are just some my favourites, I tried this time to mix up my mediums and materials. Thank you to Ayala for setting up the fabulous 29 faces challenge. The next round is due in September :)


  1. All of your faces are so good but if I had to choose a favourite it would be your cat. I thought the background was so beautiful and I liked the way you used the collage pieces for the fur.

  2. So lovely seeing a collage of your favourites! they are all so wonderful, particular favourites of mine are your owl and the matisse (love how you have adapted the matisse and included a collage element in the mirror - very effective and contemporary) x

  3. It's great to see your fabulous faces all in one place. It's been a fun challenge. Hope to see you on the blogs between now and the next one in Sept.

  4. Your faces are all so different and wonderful!
    It is a good discipline to do those challenges:)
    What's next!

  5. Hi there Morag and nice that you visited I hope you drop by again soon.These pieces remind me of some of my earlier works Hard to say which one would be my favs as I like most of them. I might have a look through some earlier pieces and do a post on my blog soon. The other thing is ...I feel like i know your face....Have you been on TV ?

    you seem to be enjoying your art - it comes through!! All the best bye for now Aine


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