Sunday, 9 December 2012

Continuous drawing

Over at Butterfly mind I have been inspired by Jez and her continuous drawing, she has been on what sounds a challenging but rewarding course at Liverpool Tate called ' Drawing the line'. I thought I'd have a go at drawing my cat, during the winter months all he does is sleep, so he is quite a willing model. The idea of continuous drawing is that you keep your eyes on the subject and not on the paper, the results can be either awful...or surprisingly interesting. It makes each line or mark you make hugely important. Its ages since I tried it.. think I must have been at Art college.... so here goes...

I've drawn in blue ink so I couldn't rub out any bits I didn't like, I went over the lines though once I had finished so you could see more clearly.

And after all that excitement he is still asleep.... :)


  1. It makes for such lovely free images, and your cat blind drawings are really interesting. Even though they have been drawn without looking at the paper there is such a resemblance to the actual cat. I'm so glad my post inspired you to re-visit the technique - I look forward to seeing more of your continuous drawings.


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