Sunday, 2 December 2012

Experiments with paper

  Experiments with paper

Sometimes it is not the finished work which matters, what is far more important is the steps which led you there. Experimenting for me sometimes leads to a finished piece..or a sketchbook page...or its ripped up and used for another experiment! That's what these pieces are. Amalgamations of previous experiments.
     The photo below uses card, thread, watercolour and newsprint. Newspaper is great for collage.. It creates texture and absorbs washes brilliantly. In the above piece I used watercolour, machine embroidery and paper to create vaguely geological swirls. It reminds me of a polished slab of Agate.

Banded Agate
    Although I am the first to admit I know next to nothing about geology I do love the forms and colours of semi precious stones. When I was a child I had one of those lapidary polishing tumblers. The ones which tumbled round for days. Each morning you put in a different grade grit.. and after a considerable time the door was opened and out came the beautiful polished pebbles . I have no idea where the machine went, I do remember how much I loved it. Maybe I should search ebay for a replacement. :)                                                 


  1. These collages, and the stitching are so interesting. I can't stop my eyes from roaming around the piece. I would never have thought of using newspaper in a piece that was going to be stitched. I'll give it a try - thank you. It's always good to be inspired by another artist.
    Yes, we had one of those tumblers, and didn't it take ages to get a result! As for the semi-precious stones, my favourites are banded agate slices and moss agate slices. Enjoyed this post.

  2. Loved how your experimental piece resembles the Agate - very clever! Lovely colours too x


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