Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland
I made this collage last Christmas. Its combines acrylic, collage, gesso, texture bead gel and fabric and is on board rather than canvas.

 I covered the sky in Daler Rowney Interference colour, I love the way it shimmers when applied to a dark surface .                             

                       Daler Rowney Shimmering Acrylic Colours Set 5 Tubes


The close up shows the use of  Galeria glass texture bead gel. Its an intresting medium that contains tiny beads that can be moulded and swirled into ridges..very snow like. It reminds me of the rough snow effect on top of a christmas cake...  :)







Interference shimmer


  1. This could be said to be 'cool' in both senses of the word! I really like the snow in the sky, and the glass beads. As always with your work, there is so much to see - it took a second 'reading' of the painting before the Snow Fairy popped out, which seems so right that she would be flitting here and there between the snowflakes. Lovely painting.

  2. Gorgeous Morag, love the snowflake fairy and the colours really work together. I haven't heard of interference colours before, but they look great. This scene would make a nice Christmas card :) x

  3. Thank you for all your lovely comments and a very merry Christmas.


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