Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Merry-go-round

The Merry-go-round

I visited York just before Christmas. York is a fabulous place at most times of year, although with just a few days to go before Christmas the streets were packed. In amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers I stopped to watch a beautiful Victorian Merry-go-round. I watched as it whirled round, a bright sunburst of colours on a dull, dark, December day, thinking then how much I would enjoy making a Merry-go-round collage.

Once Home I came upon another merry-go-round on a cold Christmas eve trip to the pantomime. This one was not as beautiful as the one in York but it did have an eerie quality. Although still lit, children had gone home to bed, the music had stopped , all was silent  and still.

       I did a couple of sketches before beginning my new collage on Boxing Day

Christmas seems to produce lots and lots of waste and I thought it would be a good idea to use a bit of up-cycling in my collage, I collected together a pile of used Christmas wrapping paper, golds, silvers, whatever shimmery foils I could find and set to work........

I sketched out the initial design onto a large canvas, then using artists quality PVA began to stick fragments of paper.

         The bottom two photographs show the finished Merry-go round .

The foils are very reflective and shimmer in the light......Just need a Wurlitzer and it would be complete!

Wishing all my blog visitors a very happy new year.


  1. That's absolutely beautiful. It captures the essence and spirit of the old roundabouts wonderfully.
    I've always loved these roundabouts -and riding on them. I keep saying to Dev that I want to ride on the roundabout at the pier in Southport, and that's one thing to do as soon as it's rinning again. Last time I went on one at Thursaston I fell as I was getting off and hurt mr hip!
    Really wowed by your collage.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment - bloggers have helped to keep me going in 2012 during a difficult year.

  2. Thank you Jez, I hope the new year brings better things. Perhaps you are right, a spin on a merry-go-round could be just the thing to start the new year off! Love reading your blog and look forward to the posts of 2013. :)

  3. Thank you so much for your comments, your work is beautiful and its great to have praise from a fellow mixed media fanatic.


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