Monday, 24 June 2013

Doodling a dress for all seasons.


The theme for Inspiration Avenue this week is an' Outfit for all seasons'. My dear blog friend Jez from Butterfly mind is hosting the challenge, she is a wonderfully talented and eloquent lady so although I have been busy working on a large project  for a forthcoming exhibition thought I would most definitely enter something!
This is a collage/ mixed media piece I made for my daughter who is a 2nd year fashion management student with a passion for dresses. I designed it for a blog header for a fashion blog she set up as part of her course. Although I made it a little while ago I haven't posted it on my blog before, and I kind of like it so thought it deserved a showing.

A dress for all seasons

 In 'The Artists playroom' this week the theme is 'doodling' ; Quite a hard topic for me as the more I thought about it I realised that I don't really doodle, except perhaps while on the phone, and then I just doodle spirals. I always seem to set out with some sort of purpose when I have a pen or pencil in my hand, I think I probably doodled as a child ( Probably in Maths lessons while looking out the window) That's when I thought of the idea of making a scraperboard to scratch doodle on. As a child I used to make homemade scraperboards all the time. The bought variety were rather expensive and ate up my pocket money!

So I found some old wax crayons, coloured in some block shapes.

Mixed some black poster paint with washing up liquid and painted over the surface, let it dry and then scratched  through.

This is as close to doodling as I could get !

Links to Inspiration Avenue
and also the Doodle challenge at The artists Playroom


  1. Your blog header is beautiful, colorful and fun! Your daughter must have loved it. I really love your scraperboard too, what a fun way to doodle. Like you, I am not much of a doodler but this adds a bit more purpose to the art of doodling...who could resist watching the colors emerge! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your beautiful header definitely deserves to be seen - it's just beautiful! Love those jewel colors. And I really like your scratcher, I've never done that...

  3. oh my gosh, morag, i love your doodle... how great the crayons look peeking through the black paint! and the dresses (and dress stands) seem so happy!


    a fellow spiral doodler

  4. Thank you for the very nice things you have said about me - very much appreciated. Your pretty dresses fit perfectly for the Inspiration Avenue challenge, and I enjoyed searching around the picture for the little sewing details.
    Such a good idea to make the scraper board, and the doodle is so effective - and also fits with the Outfits for all Occasions challenge!

  5. Idea for a dress for all seasons is great. Well done with doodle as well. I absolutely adore your art style. Thank you for sharing, Morag. Big hugs!

  6. Very cool of you to have made that for your daughter. It's very pretty. I like your "doodle" very much too, quite nice to have made the scraperboard yourself!

  7. It sounds like your daughter's passion inspired not only your beautiful blog header for her, but the scratch art piece too. They're both beautiful. Blessings, my friend!

  8. that blog header is fab!!! So full of depth and richness, and your scratched through doodle I so fun!

  9. how awesome is that!!! i love your scratch doodling - pretty cool idea! and your Outfit For all Seasons - i love it - my daughter would seriously want that dress!

  10. You made a lovely blog header for our daughter! I love the vivid, rich colors you used. The scratch doodle is a fun way to include both the doodling challenge and the Outfits challenge.


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