Sunday, 16 June 2013

Time flies

The Artists Playroom this week prompt is 'what drives you mad'? Well first of all it is not this clock which I dislike. I actually like the clock very much. I bought it over twenty years ago or so in a little Antique shop, for no other reason than that I liked it, and that is a very good reason.

It actually doesn't tick anymore, for that I am sad. That isn't why I painted it though, the fact it doesn't tick is not that maddening. The reason I painted it was more to represent 'time' or rather lack of it!
Time seems so abundant in our more youthful days, yet so stretched as we grow older. There is never enough of it to do the things I  love, and it is that what frustrates me.

 I began by stencilling a background using sequin offcuts and cosmic shimmer mist in a deep violet colour.
Then I drew out the clock and used my favourite neocolor crayons to add colour. I love my neocrayons, they colour over most things and had no problem covering the shimmer mist.

The butterflies were from my napkin collection. I glued them to the watercolour board and crayoned round them when dry.

 I think the butterflies represent all the things I want to do..
If only there was time...

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  1. I love this and heartily agree with the sentiment - I really like how you gave the clock and background such a magical look

  2. Beautiful, love your butterflies fluttering around the clock.

  3. Time is a great theme. So much to see, to tell and to make. Your clock painting is wonderful. I love the colors and the old fahined style from your clock. Butterflies are a fine combination in things of time. They are so fleeting ...

  4. Another beautiful painting, and I heartily agree with your comments about time flying. I suppose that one thing we could say about time flying is thw way it does make us focus more on the things that really are important.
    Not only a lovely image, but one that makes us think. Thank you.

  5. Gorgeous piece of art :) I also resent that I have a zillion and one things to do and simply not enough time in the day anymore... However I do prefer to be busy than have nothing to do all day long :)

  6. I really love this, the clock turned out beautifully, and using the butterflies was the perfect way to express what you're feeling (a feeling which I SO share)...

  7. What a lovely collage! I also enjoyed reading your story and thoughts about time. Can't wait to try my first Cosmic Shimmer Mists that actually arrived today from England!

    I've so far only had a couple of mists I wasn't so happy with and now it was really hard not to start misting right away when I opened the package. I had chosen my 5 most favourites, and they all look gorgeous. Maybe tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Salla! The shimmer mists do have the tendency to splodge rather than mist, usually for what I want that's part of the fun. If you shake them well and have them at the right distance the effect is usually better. I prefer the darker more intense colours. Happy misting! :)

  8. Such a beautiful and symbolic piece- I love seeing the steps in the creation!


  9. Oh my you so speak out my thought about time...I never know why there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do ;) Now I deal with don´t get stressed about this fact ;) Love the clock as well and that you choose butterflys for your wishes....wonderful painting!! ♥ Conny

  10. Time does seem to fly so quickly... I love your homage to that. Your clock, the actual and the one you painted, is so lovely!

  11. The clock is beautiful and your paintings are beyond gorgeous! Lots of energy and nice feelings!

  12. Oh wow.. what a fab blog I found here!
    came across via Mix it monthly--and had to scroll -

    xxx from Austria


  13. Visiting from the APR - what a wonderful way to represent this weeks theme Morag and so very beautifully coloured :0) Mo

  14. Such a beautiful painting! I love the meaning behind the butterflies especially - like ideas flitting from one place to the next and never resting - my head is a bit like that at times! :)


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