Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lost Daisy

Mixed up and lost Daisy; collage,/acrylic on re-cycled floorboard
Mix It Monthly
mix it monthly
Sometimes things don't turn out to plan..
The path you were going to take gets confused...
you go off in a totally different direction!

This week I  have joined up to a new challenge called Mix it monthly. We were given two images and a theme of Picasso to get us going. Well as you can see I went a bit off track on the Picasso bit :)  I do like Picasso, but his style is so different to fine I found it very difficult to get motivated.

a bit of inspiration from Connie
  I did start of with good intentions to go down the Picasso route, but I went to see the Great Gatsby last week, which was amazzzing!I Loved the glamorous costumes and vivid colours and  thought I would go for a 1930s style lady making the most of the hat and gloves  and all things stylish. I reworked her face in Acrylics and used heavy modelling paste to make the folds in her dark dress. I also used an Iridescent medium over the dress to make it sparkle. I kept the colours muted and cool so the sleeves and accessories would pop out.

I used he pattern from Connie's Picasso lady for the sleeves

And gave her some lemon yellow gloves

Work in progress, the dress was layered in lots of  black gesso and modelling paste

The piece is collaged and painted on a piece of old wooden floorboard, it gives a lovely solid substrate. I know Sandra over at Doris's daughter uses floorboard panels to great effect and I have quite a bit of re-cycled timber to hand so thought I would give it a go! I must say I loved working on wood so much, it has inspired me to try again!

I am not sure why this glamorous lady is lost and alone on the Scottish hills. She definitely doesn't look dressed for the wild outdoors! That's where I thought I would link to the APR this week where the theme is the Bizarre. I guess she has a long and very complicated story to tell :)

And just to show I haven't forgotten completely about dear old Picasso here's another little piece on watercolour board, a bit more in tune with the theme.

Mix it monthly

I'm also linking my' little lost Daisy' in to this week Take a word for the first time. The theme is Cool colours!
As I said it may be June but the Scottish hillside still can be a bit chilly, bet Daisy wishes she had brought a jumper!

and finally
Linked to Paint party Friday!!!! a happy place where like minded souls share their love of all things arty.


  1. oh, morag! this totally sends me!! those gloves! and that hat... : )


  2. Oh my I am touched by your piece...I am so in love how it turnes she is standing in that landscape and all the diamonds on her cool outfit ;) and of couse the little collage is such a treasure too! Love that you give her new eyes, that makes a whole new perspective ;) Working on wood seems to be such fun...maybe I will try it out some time :)

  3. She is stunning! I love the format you chose too. Blessings!

  4. WOW,this is fantastic painting,the woman with the fun arms is quirky :-)
    And the painting of watercolor are beautiful to,i love these new eyes,love it to much!!!

    Greetings Jeannette

  5. Love love love your painting. It's beautiful and the second piece is gorgious as well. Beautiful work!

  6. this is amazing, Morag!! I love how you've played and so understand the way that making art is far more a passenger than driver undertaking!! BEautimous!!

  7. Before I even read down, I felt that Daisy was stranded in the Scottish hills, and was feeling a little cold as well as lonely. This is a beautiful painting. I always love Sandra's tall ladies on wood flooring, and yours is quite a different take, but just as lovely.
    Mix it monthly sounds an interesting challenge blog, and monthly is a good idea, less pressure than every week. Challenges are so inspirational, but if I'm not turned on by a subject I give it a miss that week.
    Now, the only question remaining is: why do you have pieces of wood flooring in your woodpile?
    Do you prepare your wood surface first?

    1. Thanks Jez, I sanded and used gesso to prime the surface first, It isn't really smooth as I like the slightly roughened texture.

  8. wow both creations are gorgeous!
    groetjes karin

  9. what a great piece! i love that she's out on the Scottish hills looking so super glamorous! funny enough i thought of Sandra's work when I saw this-i love the idea of using floorboards to paint on!

  10. She turned out so beautifully! Such a period quality to her, and a mysterious feel to the piece, the setting creates so many questions. Great detail...

  11. I like your Gatsby lady!
    I never cared for Picasso's strange paintings, and I would imagine it would be very difficult to emulate. Kudos! :)

  12. Love what you have made! Your elegant lady on the scottish hills is wonderful! Valerie

  13. wow! This is wonderful. I am so pleased you have been inspired by my work:) I love Daisy but poor girl, lost in the Scottish hillside, she certainly isn't dressed for it! Maybe she's looking for her friend? Lets hope she turns up next week? (Hint, hint). I love the colours and composition on your Picasso inspired painting. Great work.
    If you are interested. I took an online course for the tall girls with Heather Murray over at The trodden path called "Minnie, a maxi project"

  14. Beautiful 'glamorous lady'. Your painting is lovely, fantastic composition and great inspirations. Beautifully detailed as well, great matched colours. Stunning work. Thank you for sharing, beautiful and creative Lady!

  15. I really love her face! stunning Dxx

  16. Hello Morag, your lost daisy is such a wonderful piece! I love her beautiful gloves and hat! Bravo to you, she's a special one!

  17. Lost Daisy is a beautiful painting. I love her gloves and the sideways glance of her eyes.

  18. Love this for MixItMonthly, how you used the lady with the gloves in the painting is so perfect! HPPF!

  19. Daisy is amazing with all that lovely ornamentation!
    These elongated canvases and fantastic and very striking! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  20. I loved the movie Gatsby. The costumes were incredible. You lovely lady is just divine.

  21. Great lady and her hat and gloves are fab. Love our Picasso inspired pieces as well. Happy PPF xox

  22. The gloves are especially fabulous... and I love the picasso inspired piece towards the end ... a great creative week by the looks of it ...xx

  23. mixed up and lost is beautiful. I love the contrast between her brightly coloured sleeves and the black dress.

  24. mixed up and lost is a great title for this wonderful painting. She is beautiful and the colors are fabulous

  25. Love this post and Daisy is fabulous... both pieces are wonderful. Good job...very enjoyable. I prefer cradle board to canvas myself!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Giggles

  26. Beautiful and the details and colors are wonderful! Lovely pieces!

  27. Wow, what a beautiful piece of art! Your lady in the Scottish Hills really looks a little lost. Hope somebody picked her up and lent her a helping hand.

  28. What a fantastic piece of art. She is such a elegant lady, lost or not. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

    You should do more pieces on wood. I love to work on wood too. We had some fence work done not too long ago and the carpenter left us a whole stack cedar that they could not use. It's is so lovely to paint on.


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