Thursday, 6 June 2013

Enjoying the sun

Apologies for being quiet over the last couple of weeks.  I have had two lovely weeks holiday and spent most of it out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. It has been a little too nice to stay in and paint all the time so I have been out with my camera. I have also had some Internet problems so thank you to all those kind people who left comments on my last mermaid post, I will respond and visit you shortly!

 Scotland is a most beautiful place to be, especially when the sun shines..

 The wild flowers have begun to bloom.

The horsetails are standing proudly.
 and the gorse bushes flame with gold.

I have been doing a Little gardening in the sunshine...

Here is a little outdoor sketch I did of my old wheelbarrow.

The lambs are growing and the birds are ready to leave the safety of their nests soon..
I found this little fellow in a shrub I was about to prune!

I was really worried about him, he looked far to young to be going out on his own, I checked up on him a few hours later and he had gone so I hope his parents found him!

On my travels in the sun I passed by Eilean Donan castle at Dornie. It is a landmark I pass by but rarely stop as I am usually in a hurry to get somewhere.

some of you may recognise it from the Highlander film! It also graces the front of many shortbread tins!
It looked so beautiful in the sunshine I stopped to take a photo and have some tea in the cafe there. My daughter tells me that they make and serve the best millionaires shortbread in Scotland. Millionaires shortbread is basically shortbread smothered with toffee and chocolate! The castle is only a few miles away from the bridge over to the Isle of Skye.

Well, as I said will catch up with what lovely things you have been up to very soon. :)


  1. Great photos, Morag! The sceneries of Scotland are just amazing. I would love to visit one day!
    Your wheelbarrow sketch is really nice, too!

    And don't worry for your absence, we all need a holiday sometimes!

  2. What a gorgeous area you live in!!! It's all so beautiful. Must be time for breakfast because my mouth is still watering from your description of Millionaires Shortbread! I'm slowly getting back to my computer...but honestly...not finding lots of time for it. To every thing there is a season.

  3. Dear Morag, Looks like you had nice and relaxing time. Lovely photos and beautiful sketch of wheelbarrow. I completely agree Scotland is beautiful place. Much love to you and thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Beautiful photographs every one. And it looks like you were lucky with the weather. Glad to see you back, and that you had such a restorative holiday.

  5. morag, everything is so beautiful here, but those horsetails have really caught my eye. so strong and stout! i'm a big fan of horsetails, but ours aren't as strong and stout. i'll take a picture when i see a handsome stand and send it to you. : )

    millionaire's shortbread - oh my. that sounds delightful...


  6. Thanks for that little tour of Scotland - I did recognize the castle - BIG Highlander fan...

  7. Beautiful photos and lucky you getting the sunshine - it didn't make it this far north (apart from Tuesday last week and I was working!) I love that castle - we spent a week on Skye for my 40th birthday in a fabulous cottage and I remember stopping at Eilean Donan for photographs.

  8. I enjoyed seeing your surroundings....beautiful countryside and love the shot of the sheep in the enclosure.....they look really well fed. It must be all that lovely green grass.


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