Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cerulean Mermaids and Four very fine cats.

Back catalogue

May through to July I kept busy!!. Both of these canvas have gone to new homes.


  1. Gorgeous Morag - I LOVE those mermaids - think that has to be one of my faves, but it is so hard to pick a fave from all of your beautiful work x

    And greetings from Lynne....your next door neighbour for a while in Greenhead. Tonight I saw an actress who reminded me of someone, and finally my memory came up with the answer...and it was your mum! (googled you + Skye for the contact) Please let her (and Ron) know that I'm remembering them...and you, from my home on a mountain in Italy. All the best, L

    1. Lynne!!!!!! wow!! I can't believe it..:) so happy to hear from you. My email address is below if you want to keep in touch, I can let you know Family news from skye. Mum has an email add which I can give you. :) Four very fine cats are Stan, Bp, Porridge and Ziggy, they were the finest of cats and Its a picture that hangs on her wall. much love M x


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