Thursday, 16 August 2012

Boxfiling = happiness

The happy art of organisation

Decided today that I needed to find a more effective way of storing my paper..... up until this afternoon this was in numerous drawers and cardboard boxes. Often I would be looking for a particular paper but find it two days after It was needed, not very satisfactory..I wandered around Staples looking at lots of expensive drawer cabinets but in the end decided the solution to my problem was box files, lots of box files, each file has a colour theme and it means when I'm collaging a piece I know where to look for each colour, organising colour is a very satisfactory pastime,I remember as a small child how exciting it was to tip my pencil case out and line up all the colours...a bit OCD I know, however the box file paper filing went so well  I then organised my paint drawer.... and that just about filled the afternoon!! I did buy a small wooden box today as for my next project I am going to collage it, and now my paper is sorted I can get on with it...

A tidy paint drawer= :)
box file paper file= :)

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