Sunday, 19 August 2012

Window to the heart

My frame is finished it has changed considerably.. the pheasants were a colour theme, a sort of starting point .I have left some feathery shapes Im amongst the foliage to remind me of their presence . On the glass I used peebo glitter touch which is a great product, I put some gold transfer foil on as well, I do like shimmer.... Overall I'm not happy with the heart shape I feel its too neat,it has given me an idea for my next project though. That's what its all about, one work is just a starting point for the next.......

Touch deco 30 ml
what would I do  without Pebeo touch??

Today is  number two



  1. Love this Morag, I love the way you start with an image as a starting point but then transform it into something different but still leave a trace of the original.

    1. Thanks Swirly :) some may say it's a bit of a long way round, but often the long way round is more scenic.


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