Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Jigsaw space

Number 4 = The four panels of Twomby's Hero and Leonardo
My recent visit to the Tate and my awe of Twomby's huge canvas Hero and Leandro got me thinking about scale, size and how sometimes the smallest marks can mean so much. Hero is a vast piece, it is in four sections and tells the mythological tale of Leandro, engulfed by the waves as he swims across Hellespont to reach the beautiful Hero.. The 1st panel is full of energy the last mournfully sad and empty. Quattro Stagioni also continues this sense of time, with life and vigour moving slowly away..

Cy Twomby(Hero and Leandro)

The jigsaw space

 The Jigsaw space is a small canvas 20cmx20cm I built it up with many layers. My starting point was as always an altered image. This time a photo of a bag I brought back from Morocco, I changed the colour and using Dylon Image transfer applied it to the canvas..

Moroccan bag
I then began adding washes over the top, using the stripes to give the feel of a landscape. Only once I was happy with it did I block in the figures with gesso, then using very small mosaic pieces of paper filled in the spaces...........The faint lines of the jigsaw were drawn on and washed over giving only the faintest trace....Finding that bit of missing jigsaw piece may seem impossible, but keep hunting you never know :)


  1. What a beautiful piece your Jigsaw Space is. I'm so glad Swirly Girl led me to you. It's such a mysterious piece and the missing jigsaw piece is an inspired idea. Thank you for a moment of beauty to start my day.

    1. Thank you so much Jez....I think we all have missing jigsaw pieces, its part of life's journey, glad you like it :) I read your post on the Tate. I agree about the monet paintings. I was amazed how close up they were a jumble of colour yet step back a few paces and his world came into focus.

  2. Forgot to say, like you I recently went to the Tate Turner, Monet, Twombly exhibition. I was blown away by the Monets, and it was the impact of the size as well as the paintings that was so marvellous. I did a post on my visit if you care to look. Jez

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comments about my post, they really are appreciated.


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