Tuesday, 11 February 2014

29 faces 11

Enjoying experimenting with my materials this week.
Today's face is drawn onto a collaged background of used tea-bag paper, I even left some of the tea leaves on the paper!
 The square outlined shapes are the teabags which I cut open and washed to remove most of the used leave and then glued to some watercolour board.. I covered the whole piece in matt medium to seal it and added some gold leaf flakes.
It looks very weathered which was the look I was going for. The tea-bag paper is very absorbent, almost fabric like and colour bleeds into the surface beautifully.

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  1. I enjoyed looking at all of your faces so far for this challenge.

    Yours are all so varied.... I love them all.

    I hope your daughter liked her mulberry handbag!!!!

    Karen x

  2. This is wonderful, such a peaceful feeling, and wonderful colours and textures shading across the painting.
    I once started saving tea bags and cleaned them out. Very short-lived, I have no stickability. You always have such details in your work, like the way you represent hair with slender strips. I think your middle name is patience!
    Sorry I am late commenting for a couple of days. Lovely work as always.

  3. It is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wonderful effect and love all the great textures. Annette x


  5. Love the experimentation with teabags, this has inspired me to create my own teabag face! The colours are lovely in this x

  6. Love the colour and the texture. It reminds me ancient wall paintings.

  7. this is yummy, morag. i just love your creative and adventurous spirit! xo

  8. This is a very neat piece. I am not drinking enough tea, I have saved a few bags for some use. I want to do mixed media, seeing your work makes me want to do it even more.

  9. This is so fun and different :)
    Fantastic texture...

  10. Really beautiful, I like it!

  11. Such an interesting process....thanks for sharing...love the metallic look too...beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles


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