Monday, 17 February 2014

29 faces 17


Face number 17  and today I used tea bag paper to paint this little face.
I opened up the tea-bag emptied the tea out and stuck it to some watercolour paper.

The teabag absorbed the paint and gives her a very soft look. As the challenge is all about faces I think the face that launched a thousand ships must have been worth celebrating!
The ship was a bit of an afterthought, a napkin which I collaged onto the page, and yes I know it is more like Spanish Armada than Trojan war but it this challenge doesn't allow much time for historical details! :)

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  1. Yes, so beautiful, but everyone in Troy must have thought she was a pain in the neck. I love your version of Helen, and the galleon in the corner - she was a queen, so she really deserved a big ship. Her hair is lovely, but you always create lovely hair, and I like her forehead band. As you say, the teabags give a soft look.

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity-there is nothing you can't turn into art!

  3. Such a pretty girl - I thought it was a mermaid! The hair is terrific!

  4. Another lovely face.I like her swirly hair.

  5. Lovely Helena. Since her myth is timeless, the poetic license you took with the ship is perfectly ok..btw, you did a wonderful job on the galleon, especially considering the small canvas. The texture of the teabag is very pretty...such an inventive solution! :)

  6. She is so pretty! you are inventive with all of your paper and things!:)

  7. This reminds me of a postage stamp. Her hair all swirly is so fun. It is difficult to go into details when pressed for time with this challenge. Tea bag paper... it must be pretty small, unless you use tea bags that are made for giants!


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