Tuesday, 25 February 2014

29 faces 25

I got my bit of inspiration  for todays face from a friend of mine who is also doing the 29 face challenge. Swirlygirl painted a lovely Matisse lady last week and as I love Matisse I thought I would have a go.
As you can see I gave her a new hairstyle! Although I love Matisse his strong dark lines are not something I normally use, during the challenge I am trying to vary my usual approaches to representing faces and perhaps learn something new along the way!
For the mirror I added a bit of collaged kitchen foil. The original piece is called the Inattentive reader, which I think is a fabulous title for a painting, I wonder what's on her mind?

Linking to 29 faces
Henri Matisse, ‘The Inattentive Reader’ 1919
The original by Matisse 'the Inattentive Reader'


  1. Wonderful sketch.... I love the brighter colours in yours. Great idea for the mirror :)
    I enjoyed catching up with all your faces. Such variety.

    What's not to love about Sean Bean?

    Thank you for visiting :)

    Karen x

  2. Loving your interpretation of the original. Annette x


  3. This is a great interpretation of the Matisse. I love the way her hair is blowing.

  4. A great interpretation of the original. I see you can't resist adding something extra from your collage bits and bobs. The foil is a great addition That's what makes it yours.

  5. She sits in a room with an open window and the breeze has undone her uptight hairdo. I think your inattentive reader is thinking of flying away to some exotic location...;)
    She is lovely and bears well the comparison with the original. :)

  6. I love your interpretation and how this has made it have a more contemporary feel - lovely work x

  7. I love your personal take on the Matisse lady, and it's always so interesting to take a classic image and make it your own. Somehow one learns more from the original by doing this. Sorry I am so late commenting, D's health issues have taken up two weeks during the challenge. Great face, and as you say, an addition to your usual style, so that adds to the interest.


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