Tuesday 29 October 2013

Doors and windows scavenger hunt!!

'secret garden'

 This Month Artists in Blogland have come up with a new themed Scavenger Hunt and this month it is 'doors and windows' so I thought I would have a look back at my previous work to see what I could find. The idea is to source any work new or old to fit the theme!

This small canvas was finished last winter and is called ' the secret Garden' named after my favourite children's book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


I based  the secret garden doorway on this  on this watercolour I painted of an Old Byre door. I love painting and photographing old doors, the two below were in Yorkshire.

 I love the way the Virginia creeper covers the walls around them.


This is a little postcard I made for a postcard swap earlier in the year.

Thistles in the window (watercolour pencil August 2013)

I love this old doorway, I took it in york when I was visiting earlier in the year, I think it would make a great collage!

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Sunday 20 October 2013

more sheepyness!

'Little lost sheep'

A week may have gone by but the subject stays the same...

If you saw last weeks post then this one may look familiar. It is another of my 'Summer on Skye' canvas collages and is currently hanging at the Skyeworks gallery on the Isle of Skye.
This one was tricky to photo as the light reflected off the surface. It is a little less blue than it seems here.
Over the summer I worked on various animal and bird projects. Up until then I had mainly used landscape as my inspiration but as a challenge thought I would try using my collage/paint techniques using Scottish flora and fauna as my inspiration.

The little lost sheep is in fact not sad to be lost. She actually prefers to wander away from the flock where the grass is lusher and there is space to breathe. Sometimes it is good to be lost.

She started off with a friend..

Who she lost along the way...

Now she has dragonflies for company.

Plaster painting

This last piece was an experiment on plaster. I rather like it. The plaster soaks up the paint like a sponge. I decided to leave it as an abstract experiment instead of fiddling too much with it.

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Sunday 13 October 2013

'Summer on Skye'

It's getting chilly and the days are growing shorter, so here is a little piece of late summer to warm your day.
I made several large mixed media canvas during the summer. Most for the Skyeworks Gallery on the Isle of Skye. This one however went to a dear friend who loves Skye.
For those who have been following me you will notice the thistles  again ( My favourite summer theme)

Inspiration Avenues theme this week is 'faces' and I thought it would be nice to throw two woolly faces into the mix!

The Highlands of Scotland are filled with them...White dots scattered over the heather coloured landscape.The soft bleating often the only sound to break the silence.
Every turn in the road ...they are there....

This one was just waiting by the roadside waiting to be photographed!

You can go for quite a few days without seeing a human face in these parts, but few days go past without crossing paths with a 'Scottish blackface' or a 'Cheviot'.

They don't have a lot of road sense!

This collaged canvas started life as something rather different... a pair of stags, I loved the idea of the deer but it just didn't seem to work, and decided drastic action was needed!

They morphed into sheep! At this stage black faced sheep, but I didn't like the black, so...

 A bit of a white gesso and a quick change of breed!

I like them better as 'Cheviot ' white faced sheep. You can also see here one of the little collaged Dragonflies. The day after I finished the canvas I saw a beautiful dragonfly on the path down to the sea, he was gorgeous.


I wished I could take better closeups...but you can just about make him out!

The thistles are collaged with handmade paper.

I have a couple more Summer Skyescapes left to show you, which I will do over the next few weeks.

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Sunday 6 October 2013

'The path to the sea'

 After a month of faces I longed to post a landscape and this weeks Collage Obsession prompt is ' what view we would like out our window'

I did ponder for a while about collaging a Greek sunset or a tropical beach but with Summer on it's way out instead settled on what I know and love best the familiar view over to the Scottish mainland from the north coast of the Island. The view is often obscured by cloud but on a clear day you can see for miles all the way to the mountains of Sutherland.

 ...and really there are few nicer views, especially in late Summer when the heather and horsetails carpet the ground all the way to the sea. I took lots of photographs over the Summer to use as Inspiration over the darker months.
I also thought I would link up to The Artists Playroom as this week the subject is Landscapes. I have missed linking up with the weekly challenges as the past month I have been busy with the 29 faces and before that had a very busy Summer.

 I used masking tape to section off stripes on the canvas after collaging on some horsetail type stems.

Then I splattered acrylic paint using the masking tape to make stripes. I collaged in some paper with little circles.

I decided to make the foliage more abstract and removed some of the pieces I had applied earlier and sanded the canvas back with sandpaper, adding gesso then sticking squares of paper and little strips of sheet music. I often re-work areas I don't like using gesso and sandpaper. Nothing is finished until the final varnish!

Used lots of paper fragments. I really love Japanese washi papers as the colours are so beautiful. I love the gold ones which catch the light.

Finally I added some modelling paste stencilled through sequin waste to make the textured sky. Not entirely sure the canvas is finished, it is in my 'wait and see' pile of work which I go back to at a later date and view again with fresh eyes.

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Ps To those who took part in my postcard draw last week the winner is Fuzzy Fingers! so I will be posting my little card off to her as soon as possible! Thank you to all who took part!