Wednesday 17 December 2014

2014 review, a paper rainbow roundup!

Well Christmas is almost here and another year almost done....

When it gets to this time of the year many of us look back and reflect on what has been. It helps for me as I think I like to see where I have been, so as to decide where to go next.
 So here is a quick round-up of my years creative highlights.

January, the year began with my mermaid bowl, created with all the discarded Christmas wrapping paper pieces which I glued onto a plain bamboo dish.

February, I finished this large canvas. 'The stag and thistles' incorporates fabric, paint and paper pieces. This canvas was finale of the on-line '29 face challenge' which I took part in, making 29 faces in 29 days. I have completed the challenge several times in the past and to be honest I did get a bit of 'face fatigue' I am not one for quitting and did make it through to the bitter end, although it is unlikely I will do it again. (Famous last words) I know many artists who love the challenge and I admire them greatly, I just think that painting faces is not something that drives me.. I am much more at home representing wild open spaces....

 March, and I was busy decorating small wooden panels, Collaged and painted, some with small dragonflies made from discarded plastic which I heat treated to form the delicate wings.

April, and my little area in Skyeworks gallery made me very happy!

May brought another canvas off the easel, 'messages in the breeze' Made from torn handmade papers and acrylic paints. In ancient folklore Dandelion seeds were said to be able to carry messages to those we love, either in this world or the next.....

June and I took part in my favourite on-line challenge 'the summer of color' This colour combination was red and teal (I think.)  I love the 'summer of color' six week challenge as subject matter is not on the agenda, it is all about working with certain colour combinations, maybe using colours we are frightened of using!

July and some citrasolv paper featured in the foreground pebbles of this canvas 'the island'

August and another on-going theme this year, wild flowers and windswept hills. 'Summer breeze' Paper collage with acrylic paint on canvas.

September and buttercups were my inspiration for this canvas, more torn handmade papers form the flowers.

place to rest (DETAIL)

October and an exciting charity exhibition at Skyeworks housed several of my pieces, one being this
'a place to rest.' Money raised from the exhibition went towards the Skye mountain rescue team.

November, a hark back to summer with 'Wild shores' collaged papers on canvas

December and a return to my first love, textile art. This piece is a paper, fabric and paint, machine  stitched collage.

 My 2014 christmas card

And finally on my workbench today ( sorry to all my WOYWW friends for the gap in my posts ;) ! )  My Christmas cards have just arrived!! I didn't have time to design a special Christmas card  this year so I adapted sketchbook page I made earlier in the year, putting a snowy filter over the top.... Hey presto and a wintry stag!

This is my last post of the year, as like so many of you, for me time is short at this time of year!!
Lots of mince pies to eat and presents to wrap....  ;)

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments over the past year, they mean so much.
May I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year.

                                                                        Morag xxxx

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Sunday 14 December 2014

More Bondaweb experiments

Last week I showed you some of my Bondaweb experiments.
As you can see the experiment continues.....
Bondaweb is a mesh like glue with a paper backing. It can be ironed on to fabric or paper. When cool the paper backing is gently removed.
I first ironed the Bondaweb  onto a paper background which I then covered in a torn paper collage.

Some of the background is painted Bondaweb which I ironed onto the white fabric backing. This cleverly leaves behind the paint which is bonded with the glue.

Then  I  ironed on more sheets of pink and purple painted  Bondaweb over the surface of the collaged paper.

 After many layers and lots of stitching I ended up with this.......

 I am not fond of some of the vertical lines Bondaweb forms when it is painted but I like the depth of colour you can achieve when layering on top of paper pieces. It is on the detailed foreground where I think it works best.

Little sequins and gold flakes hide amongst the grasses.

I'm off to do a bit more experimenting.... see you soon ;)

Sunday 7 December 2014

Bondaweb experiments

I got my sewing machine out for a little bit of experimenting.

I treated myself to a little early Christmas present which arrived this week.... If you want bags of inspiration this is the book for you!!

I have used bondaweb before with fabrics but realised I could probably combine it with collaged paper, fabric AND paint!!
 To find out more about using Bondaweb I recommend checking out Kim Thittichai, she has several great books on the subject and some great You tube clips.


Inspired to give it a go?? :)

 First Bondaweb is ironed onto some medium weight cotton.

I then use it as a background for paper collage.
( the paper is collaged onto the fabric using a hot iron)

 then I painted other sheets of Bondaweb

With  acrylic craft paints

When dry the painted Bondaweb is ironed onto the Paper/fabric collage

it forms a stiff surface and I then stitched cut paper grasses and seed head embelishments to the landscape.

The background collage of papers shows through the painted Bondaweb.
the colours are rich and jewel-like. I also used some dimensional fabric paint to give a little surface detail.

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