Sunday 14 December 2014

More Bondaweb experiments

Last week I showed you some of my Bondaweb experiments.
As you can see the experiment continues.....
Bondaweb is a mesh like glue with a paper backing. It can be ironed on to fabric or paper. When cool the paper backing is gently removed.
I first ironed the Bondaweb  onto a paper background which I then covered in a torn paper collage.

Some of the background is painted Bondaweb which I ironed onto the white fabric backing. This cleverly leaves behind the paint which is bonded with the glue.

Then  I  ironed on more sheets of pink and purple painted  Bondaweb over the surface of the collaged paper.

 After many layers and lots of stitching I ended up with this.......

 I am not fond of some of the vertical lines Bondaweb forms when it is painted but I like the depth of colour you can achieve when layering on top of paper pieces. It is on the detailed foreground where I think it works best.

Little sequins and gold flakes hide amongst the grasses.

I'm off to do a bit more experimenting.... see you soon ;)


  1. fantastic really captures the landscape..hope you have been ok in the stormy weather

  2. lovely textures in this and beautiful colours! x

  3. Beautiful texture and color- I`m mesmerized!

  4. your bondaweb experiment is just pure perfection..

  5. Lovely experiment and fabulous results!

  6. I've never seen bondaweb with a paper backing-the kind I use is just on a roll that I use to turn up trousers that are always too long for me so i did wonder initially how you ironed it on to just one surface without it melting to your iron! It makes sense now. You do have some ingenious ideas for texture and it works really well in your gorgeous lanscapes.

  7. The results of your bondaweb experiment are lovely. Your excitement for experimenting is inspirational, Morag. Wishing you a lovely holiday season. xo


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