Friday 30 June 2017

Feast, a taste of Skye

Over the past couple of months I have been very busy making a large commissioned piece of work for the Flodigarry Hotel on the Isle of Skye.
The owners of the hotel contacted me and asked if I could create an abstract piece using colours of food from their fantastic restaurant kitchen.

I began by visiting the kichens and taking lots of photographs of the food.
All  typically Scottish, fresh seafood, salmon, venison and fresh herbs  salads and vegetables

From these I decided I wanted to create a waterfall of colour cascading down the canvas.  The canvas size was much bigger than I usually work, 2 metres x 1 metre.

Work in progress... a very messy studio!

The paper fragments punctuated with reed like divides, ( Actually made from drinking straws set into moulding paste and covered with mulberry papers)
Finally the finished piece was revealed on Saturday night at a special party.

Feast, A taste of Skye.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Messages in the Breeze, Summer Solstice

Begining of a new piece.
Hello patient blog readers, as usual my poor blog is a little quiet these days, although I am not.
This is the beginning of a new commissioned piece which I have just finished. Virtually all  my pieces start off this way, lots of layers of torn paper.

A while back I did a canvas called messages in the breeze, it was inspired by the old folklaw tales of dandelion seeds being carriers of messages for those loved ones we have lost. This is a new take on the idea, still including the dandelion seeds but using a moonlit sky. The photos show the canvas at various stages.

 And finally..... finished, Messages in the Breeze, Summer solstice.