Wednesday 3 May 2017

What May will bring

It's been a lovely couple of weeks on the Island, working in the gallery a few days a week gives me a chance to chat to folk about my art and meet lots of interesting people. last week I met a lovely local lady who bought the piece above, and three others!!  Infact she already unbeknown to me had several of my pieces in her home. It was a delight to see the joy on her face when she talked about them. Paintings are so personal and knowing they have gone to such a loving and appreciative home is really fantastic.
Had a lovely message from 'Giggles' one of my dear blog readers this week saying she could visualise my work as greeting cards,
well.... as if by magic...


I had my first cards printed a couple of months ago and they have been selling very well!!

On Skye the weather has been beautiful recently,

 May is a beautiful month, and indeed my favourite, I am filled with enthusiasm for all those lovely yellows and bright fresh greens.

I began work on a larger canvas a couple of weeks ago, As well as the usual reds and golds I always use, yellows and greens are creeping into the layers.

Add a wee croft house...

And is done,,,,

'What May will bring'
Because In May anything seems possible.