Tuesday 13 January 2015

After the storm

The skies have been heavy with storms

The year has begun with a roar.

Not the weather for venturing far from shelter.

I have been sewing again, I find it comforting and therapeutic on these dark evenings.

 This piece was the begining of a happy accident, the sort of accident where despite failure something better comes along...

You know the feeling... we have an idea...it starts off well but then begins to go wrong. We struggle with it... but in the end realise it just isn't working...

I  had been contemplating how in my textile seascapes the sea never looks as water-like as I wanted it too. Fabric is just too matt.
 I decided to see if I could fix tin foil to fabric with bondaweb to add some watery sparkle.

Yay!!! It worked!!
 In fact it looked, once I had ironed the foil down to the backing fabric like cosmonaut suit material  ready to use for the next mission to mars!!

Then I made the mistake of adding seagull shapes. This didn't work but I did re-use some of the ink splattered foiled fabric.

 I sewed some sequins and pieced it patchwork fashion together with some fabric papers. I love the shimmery surface.

And below the finished textile panel.

I like the unfinished surround so may leave it like that when I decide how to frame it.

So busy this week totally forgot I needed a birthday card for my Mum.

So here is a super fast way to make one ...

Look through your paper stash for a nice paper napkin.....

Cut out and sew the poppy to some brown card...

Using a white marker draw a quick stem...
quick, easy and sweet......................... :)

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Tuesday 6 January 2015

paper cloth seascapes

Last week I was intuitively collaging,
This week I am still intuitively collaging (photos at the bottom of the post) However it is a slow process of fiddling and in between paint drying and wondering what to do next, I decided to do some seascape embroidery using cloth paper.

 I can't take the credit for coming up with the idea of cloth paper as I know many textile artists use similar techniques.
I use muslin as a backcloth support, covering it liberally in pva glue. I normally use artists quality pva but for this cheap pva does just as well.

Then paper scraps are glued onto the surface and layered in white tissue paper. making a sort of paper cloth sandwich.

I used discarded Christmas wrap torn into strips to make random patterns.

After a bit of drying time and ink spraying you get something like this It is paperish but is stable enough to be machine stitched. It can be cut and appliquéd.

Stitching can be as wild and free as you like,

Embroidered stormy seascape

I love the combination of paper and stitch.

I also used fabric scraps along with the paper cloth.

On this piece I burnt the organza overlay with a heatgun. making little holes to add texture.

And this piece has a tweed fabric edge and some buttons and sequins added.

 And finally
 my intuitive collage has moved along, slowly....

These are some of the steps of the journey so far .....

Thank you for all your sweet comments last week. One comment in particularly filled me with delight  comparing it to Friedensreich Hundertwasser  work!!  One of my FAVOURITE artists!! BIG smile :) Ahhhh if only.....

The journey so far

 Hopefully by next week it may be nearly finished..... possibly ;)

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Thursday 1 January 2015

Brave intuitive collage

Happy New Year!!

It is good to start the  New year with a bit of a challenge..

A little while back a good friend of mine Swirlygirl was doing a little de-cluttering and gave me this very large unfinished canvas. She was determined she was not going to finish it and wanted me to do something with it. She is a lover of Flora Bowley and her 'Brave intuitive'  art style.

I love intuitive art but it is something which I do not normally do in my collage.
I usually have some idea before I start of where I want to be.

Yes, things may change and plans fall by the wayside.

Colours may not work together, collaged shapes can be altered, but ultimately intuitive collage is something new for me. Starting with someone else's work is a challenge in itself. I didn't want to change it, but yet I wanted it to be 'me'
Hmmmm... a bit of splattered Gesso and marking tape still didn't do it.
Drastic action required.

Sorry swirlygirl... black and white gesso...

Some people see faces in these types of  intuative paintings which they bring out  (Check out Denthe and her fabulous blog) I see landscapes..... I think!

Those little red dots look like trees winding over the hillside

Intuitive collage can get messy, good use for all that discarded Christmas wrap though!

Not finished yet... still squirrelling away, adding some fabric paper elements....

When will it be finished? I guess its all down to intuition. ;)

Happy New year to all my lovely Blog friends  may your new year be filled with love and light.

two stags / paper collage

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