Thursday 29 October 2015

Over the fields

Over the fields

Last week I mentioned I had started a commission which I'm not ready to share yet as I’m still working on it but instead a new piece which I have just finished. I like to work on many pieces at once, each at various stages of readiness.
   This way when a piece isn’t working I can leave it. Often pieces need room to breathe before I decide if they are finished.  I leave them for a day or two, sometimes longer. When I look again with fresh eyes I know what needs to be done to finish them.  Sometimes it’s a splash of a complementary colour, sometimes a tweak in the composition.  Collage is great in that paper can be layered over surfaces if things are not working, it’s an intuitive process and it’s very hard to explain why I know when something is wrong and when I know something is right. It can take a short time, it can sometimes take longer. Often the pieces which I have to battle with are my favourites.

 When the painting stops  grumbling at me it is ready to go on its way.
At the same time as I was working on the little wooden panels i posted last week  I was working on a similar larger canvas.
I used similar colours and fields of Thistle like flowers which blanketed the hillside during the Summer months.

I think this is knapweed, my thistly inspiration.

I liked all the textures and papers but spend ages deliberating on the size of the wee house on the hill. If you look at this shot you can see it has been painted out and in several times!

The finished house

After several days rest I returned to the little house and knew what size it should be....

It has stopped grumbling at me and can be seen at Skyeworks gallery in Portree on the Isle of Skye

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Three of a kind and something new.

Three new little wooden panels on my workdesk, each slightly different. Small fragments of an Island summer.
Collaged with paper, gesso, paint and molding paste

Also been working on a new commission... not much to show as yet, but if you follow my blog you will probably know that the paper layers are just a starting point... lots more to add.

Sunday 11 October 2015

Michaelmas daisies and new stencils

I purchased some lovely stencils off Ebay recently.
The seller very kindly put a load of extra stencils in with the ones I ordered for free!
That brightened my day!
I use stencils for ink spritzing, modelling paste layering, gelli printing, in fact anything and everything!

They make a lovely background for watercolour sketching in my sketchbook.
I use inked spritzed through the stencil and painted on top when dry.
Michaelmas daisies are so evocative of autumn days and that 
 breathy chill in the morning air,

Sunday 4 October 2015

Summer seas

After weeks of appearing to have not much to show, at last a new canvas!
I have actually been working very hard and have made several new pieces, but for the moment they are under wraps and I'm only letting one free at the moment.
The summer seas canvas was inspired by a little boat trip I had in August into Portree bay.
I took the photo below because it made me smile.
I did not go for a boat trip in this particular rowing boat! The real Brigadoon is a little larger and more seaworthy, thank goodness.

August was a dreadful, wet month, but this particular day was beautiful!

 A large pod of dolphins swam alongside the boat, it was camera ran out of charge after this shot....not so magical!

Well my seagull canvas began with a boat in the foreground but I really didn't like it, the seagull to me needed to be the main focus. All the heavy shapes of the boats just seemed to battle against what I wanted.

I then remembered the little sail boat I had seen at sea on my boat trip.

So out went the big boat and in came the small distant sail....

I am much happier with it now, my seagull has space to fly.

Friday 2 October 2015

Collage workshop, finished pieces.

I posted Last weekend about my collage workshops in Lancashire at Drift Gallery in St Annes and progress so far, as promised here are some photos of last nights frenzied finishing session!

The workshops ran over 4 evening sessions each lasting 2 hours.
After previous sessions on paper layering, gesso and paint application this last session was about embellishment. In other works 'bling'

We used napkins, dimensional paint, glitter and sparkle!

Papers, paint, gilt leaf and flower petals.

I am thrilled by how my talented group of students began to develop their own styles!

I have had a fabulous time over the past few weeks explaining techniques and I am looking forward to my series of Christmas workshops in December.... details to follow soon!