wild stitching

My wild stitching pieces are machine and hand embroidered onto collaged paper cloth 


  1. Hi Morag, I have been having a nosey through your blog......just giving myself time and the pleasure of browsing a bit more again. I would love to leave comments on all your posts but obviously not enough time for that! I just LOVE these!! The colours, textures, compositions! Wow. You have such a huge body of amazing work...I hope to be able to produce this volume some day!! (When my kids are a bit bigger, lol!) hope to pop by more often! Judith x

  2. Hi Morag, I love your work! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad to have found you :)

  3. Love these pieces. Inspires me to do a bit of wild stitching myself!

  4. Hi Morgan. I find weekends one day to sit back and browse others work. I too like to visit bloggers such as you.
    I am blown away with your talent and the time you spend doing them. I love your work. Glad to have found you also. I will add you to remind me. To now look and comment more.


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