previous mixed media

These are just a few of my previous torn paper paintings. Most are on Canvas. I use a combination of papers, foils, acrylic and textured pastes.

Over the Poppy meadow

Counting Buttercups

forget me not
Sweet Angelica mixed media on canvas

messages on the breeze ( Mixed media on canvas)
Red grouse

Christmas dancers
The sound of Raasay

stag and thistles
Misty the cat
freedom comes from within
Eagle of Storr
Lost Daisy ( On re-cycled floorboard)
summer corncrake ( Re-cycled floorboard)
Yellow tulips
Le chat noir
time flies
view from the ufitzi ( Florence)
Feeling fizzy

Four very fine cats


  1. A feast of colour, texture and ideas!

  2. Beautiful works. I admire your creative bursts of expression. If you don't mind me asking - "How did you get the gold in Familar Faires?" also I like how you have a tab at the top to bring in your mixed media. I don't know how to that either. Is it easy to do?

    1. I kim, I did a post on the angel canvas last month,
      It shows a bit of the process. The hair is cut from tiny pieces of gold metallic foil, I also use pebeo gel liners in metallic colours. Re the mixed media section Have a look in your blogger pages section, if you set up another page it automatically comes up as a header with its own tab. Hope that helps.

  3. Your work is so beautiful. I just love it. Thanks for explaining the gold process. I will take a look in the blogger section to see how to make tabs. Thank you so much for answering me. I just stumbled upon your answer today, I have to change my settings in google mail too. Keep up the fantastic journey that you are on. It is inspiring.

  4. Strawberry Moon and first Dolly a real winner art. Love it. Darken of Ravens great background. I am into that now.Mix med. Jigsaw space awesome!

    I added myself to your friends.


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