Friday 24 October 2014

An oriental jar full of colour

You may remember my visit to the Kaffe Fasset '50 years of colour' exhibition a couple of weeks ago, click HERE to take a look at my visit to the exhibition.

Well as you can see I have been playing with colour. Inspiration Avenue came up with the exciting challenge of creating a piece of work in the style of a favourite artist.

Its easy to assemble a quick still life.... a china cup, a pomegranate ( don't you just love those jewel like seeds!) and a little  treasured oriental jar which belonged to my mother. I assembled my little collection on some bright butterfly paper.

I used this wonderful paper to work on, it is made from bamboo and is excellent for mixed media projects.

I used a combination of gouache  and neocolour crayon. Once dry I dabbed white gesso  over the surface to mute the lines. I noticed in Kaffe's  colour drawings that he did not have hard edges on his objects, and I really liked the way his patterns almost blurred into one another.

Kaffe Fasset

Of course I didn't want to copy the magical Kaffe, I wanted to capture the feeling of joy his colour studies bring and also keep my own style....
So it seemed right to add some gold flakes, metallics feature in most of my work, I just love these shiny pieces of magic. I am sure I must have been a magpie in a past life as I am drawn to anything glittery!

Oriental jar
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Sunday 19 October 2014

A place to rest

Last week I mentioned that I had several pieces in Skyeworks  HOME TO THE HILLS charity exhibition.
well in addition to my moonlight and hares, the above piece has sold too!

moonlight and hares

The idea for the little ginger tom came from a sketch I found in an old portfolio from my art college days (many moons ago! ) It was an ink drawing of my adorable ginger tom cat named Stan.
He was the sweetest of cats. Although not the smartest of felines he was gentle and kind.

'stan' pen and ink

I used his sleeping pose as a start for my composition. Stan is rather famous now as he featured in one of my older pieces made for my mother featuring all her cats. They were of not alive at the same time but I thought it would be fun to group them together.

four very fine cats

Anyway this is how my 'Place to rest' collage began.

Using black gesso covered bits and pieces.

Intensified some areas of colour. and added more papers.

Blended and sanded the paper layers adding detail with white fine-line pen.

Used some fine line texture paint to make the foliage and crackle glaze over his face.

I thought he looked better awake than asleep.

Finally a liberal sprinkling of gold flakes which contrast beautifully with the rich reds.

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Sunday 12 October 2014

Moonlight , Hares and Charity exhibition news!

Moonlight and Hares

I thought I might let you in on a wee secret..... this little piece is one of my entries to Skyeworks charity exhibition ' Home to the Hills'
It is an anonymous exhibition, meaning that artists do not sign their works on the front and buyers only find out the identity of the artist once the piece has been purchased.
The exhibition opened yesterday and Moon light and Hares sold almost straight away! Each piece is a set price with at least £25 from each sale going to Skye mountain rescue

Skye is a very mountainous island. Mountaineers come from all over the world to climb the heady peaks of the Cuillin mountains and the rescue team are there to provide an invaluable service to help injured or lost climbers and walkers. The team are volunteers who rely heavily on charitable donations to buy equipment.

Skye MRT Logo
mountain rescue
Paintings are available to buy from the gallery but also through their facebook page. The gallery mail not only to the UK but all over the world for very reasonable shipping charges.

If you would like to check out the selection of paintings for sale click *HERE*
I have four other pieces in the exhibition, see if you can guess which ones........ ;)

Anyway as moonlight and hares has now sold I thought I would share its making with you.

Mr Hare was drawn onto the canvas. I used lots of paper and foil pieces to create the background.

If you look very carefully you may spot the deep purple foil of a cadbury chocolate Easter egg wrapper! ( Waste not, want not)

 I love combining the reflective qualities of foil and paper. The sky was painted, I decided I wanted a uniform blue and that was easier to achieve using just acrylic paint.

I did ponder a while over the little hare silhouette, should he be black....?

Or silver?....
In the end I decided on silver...

Fingers crossed my other pieces will soon be off to new homes ..........  ;)

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as a post script another of my pieces has sold.. Yay!! so I will do a post on it and its making ASAP :)

Sunday 5 October 2014

Counting Buttercups

The winter nights may be drawing in but here is a little piece of late summer to enjoy.

When I was a child we used to play a game where we picked a buttercup and put it under our playmates chin, if it shone golden yellow it was said that the person liked butter.....Hardly a scientific experiment. It was however, fun and I always associate buttercups with my childhood days.

I finished this canvas last month but for one reason and another hadn't had time to sort out the photos and share it with you.

I loved this photo I took of Buttercups nestled into the Horsetails and grass. The luminous greens and yellows really excited me!

The picture below gives a an idea of scale.

As usual I began by tearing up and gluing lots of pieces of paper onto a canvas. I sand each layer when dry to smooth the surface.

The buttercups are mulberry paper which I printed using my Gelliplate

I didn't want to add too much detail to the flowers. I wanted them to be colour statements rather than recognisable flowers.

I finally used one of my favourite products Cosmic shimmer mist to darken areas of the foreground and a purple colour mist to add contrast to the sky. The ink sits in the texture and makes lovely rippled lines.

Counting buttercups ( mixed media on canvas)