Sunday 26 July 2015

Wild sewing, New blues

New blues
sea breezes
Salt air
Wild shores

                                                            Two new wild sewing pieces


Wild sewing ( paper cloth stretched over panels)

Sunday 19 July 2015

The beauty of small things

 I love big expansive landscapes, although within those landscapes I am always drawn to small details.

 Textural grasses, delicate leaves and jewel like blooms.

When I photograph landscapes I usually get down on the ground  to fill the foreground of the image, it's almost as if I'm small animal peering through the wild grasses! Looking down as well as around always unearths small treasures.

 Amongst the grasses nestle Marsh marigolds, or as I have always called them 'Kingcups'. They are like giant buttercups and they really glow in the sunlight.
I took these photos a few weeks ago when they were at their best, it's been a good year for Kingcups.

I painted them in my sketchbook.

 They inspired my new collage painting...


I built up many layers of paper and paint.



Blanket of kingcups mixed media on canvas

Saturday 11 July 2015

My first attempts at glass fusion!

I recently tried something NEW!!!
A glass fusion workshop!! I love glass and it is no coincidence that when using paper many people comment that my work has a stained glass look...
It is of course impossible to work transparently with paper and the idea of glass fusion has been whirling around my head for some time.
The workshop was hosted by Glass-maker Lynda Drummond and was such fun!!1

test pieces out of the microwave kiln

We started the process making a test piece nugget in a microwave kiln!! I thought Microwaves were just for reheating cold cups of tea!!!

Then we moved on to a small wall plaque
This was what I really wanted to try out to see if I could make a mini landscape.

Beginning to cut the glass
We used a type of glass called bullseye glass, the most difficult part was cutting the pieces small enough!

placing the pieces

We also made several other small test pieces.
And below is my little collection after firing!

For a first attempt I am rather happy with my collection . :)
Of course glass always looks better through a sunshiney window.
So .........

Off to search Ebay for a kiln!!! :)

Sunday 5 July 2015

Knapweed and thrift. Wildflower collages

Last week it was thistles, this week my inspiration is the thistle-like Knapweed flower which blankets much of the highland landscape. Its more friendly than the thistle as it does not have the jagged thorns. I love it's colour and tufty blooms.
 I enjoy reading old folk-law tales about wild flowers and apparently Knapweed in days gone by was picked by eligible young women who pinned a bloom to their blouse.  When its florets began to open it was said the man of her dream would be near! This is not a theory I have tested, but it certainly sounds exciting! :)

I worked in a more abstract style on board, unusual for me as I usually collage on canvas or wood panels.
 A few weeks back I read a blog post written by the very talented Jessica Stride . She used the hardboard backing from a picture frame to work on. I thought this was such a great idea I would have a go. It does away with the dilemma of how to frame a board piece as the frame was meant to fit!

I'm not sure I really need the glass in front of the collage, I feel it takes away from the texture a bit, but I can always take the glass out and just keep the surrounding frame. I'm not sure whether  to paint the frame either... decisions decisions. ;)

 Other bits this week inspired by more wild flowers

Sea-thrift and tern.
 I had to check in my wild-flower book to see if I was using the right shade of pink paper.

The tern is covered with old book papers and crackle glaze to give it a feathery look.

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