Thursday 20 October 2016

Inchmore gallery Exhibition news

Hill of the red Fox

 lots of exciting news this week! This Saturday Inchmore Gallery gallery in Inverness opens its annual winter exhibition, and I have have three new collage paintings on show. It is the first time I have had work shown in the gallery and am very pleased to have such a wonderful space to showcase my work. My first piece is a favourite of mine. I don't usually have favourites but Mr fox really connected with me as I was making him. I have never made a fox piece before and I really enjoyed the challenge.

the paintings title is the' Hill of the red fox' named after the hill of the same name which is on the Trotternish ridge near lealt on the Isle of Skye. it is a piece that has been in my head for a long time so I am glad Mr fox has finally made it out my head and onto the shores of the Beauly firth!

I also have a new moonlight piece on show

 And finally another large piece, and another that is special to me,
'The happiness of Thistles'

Why happy thistles? Well thistles by their very nature are never organised, they grow haphazard, scattering themselves hither and thither. These thistles are a different breed, they stand tall, straight and organised. They have purpose, and to have purpose is to be happy. Who would not be smile to survey from the house the cliff a wonderful field full of neat rows of thistles.

Happiness of thistles

Tuesday 11 October 2016

A moonlight Adventure

I have been making lots of moonlight pieces recently.
This one is on a large MDF panel. It gives a lovely firm surface  to collage onto. I am often asked how I combine the paper and paint layers so here is a little WIP photo, although I'm not sure it makes it any clearer. I tend to work quite organically, often only having a vague idea of where I am going. Pieces introduce themselves slowly.

Sometimes not knowing exactly where the adventure will take you is a little scary, however as the great explorer Christopher Columbus said,
 'you can't cross the ocean without losing sight of the land'.

moonlight Adventure