Friday 20 April 2018

More mosaics

Well yet again I am feeling sorry for my sadly neglected Blog.
Well no excuses, so instead I will show a little of what I have been up to over the winter, which was incredibly cold. Some days snow prevented me from leaving the house so many snowy days were spent in my studio. I discovered the joys of painting in gloves, hat and layers of fleece clothing!
 I started developing my mosaics over the winter months using vintage china and paperclay. This little chaps were made for Skyeworks Gallery Fish Exhibition. 'fish for tea' I love making them and have been working on a series of characters.

Over the winter I spent a lot of time feeding the birds around my house which gave me so much joy and inspiration. Now the little friends from my garden have crept into my mosaics too. Now my main problem is sourcing large quantities of old damaged china as I really don't like breaking up perfectly good things even if they are from junk shops!

Of course I am still tearing paper and working on large collage paintings and I will post some soon.

much love
Morag x