Sunday 28 June 2015

New Thistles

Finally finished.. ( I think ;) ) this canvas has been on my easel for a couple of weeks.
Regular visitors will know how much I love thistles. I paint and collage them often.

 I have been photographing and drawing the young plants. They are late flowering this year  because of the cold spring but I loved the shape of the stocky plant spiky plants as they stood soldier like in rows. The fact they weren't flowering made their shape even stronger.

I painted the canvas roughly with acrylics before I added the paper layers. I don't always do this but in this case I wanted to get rid of the expanse of white and I also wanted to leave some of the painted areas.

I initially had some rocks in the foreground but I didn't like them so they were covered in paper.

Added paper layers and black gesso.

The thistles were given a blue and silver makeover.

New Thistles
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Sunday 21 June 2015

Wild sewn cards

One of the the things about working in collage is that you end up with a lot of 'bits'
'Bits' of paper, 'bits' of papercloth, 'bits of organza..... 'bits in general!
I don't like waste and kept all my bits in a box, the box was getting fuller so I decided to make some cards with some of the scrap pieces.

Wild sewn cards...
All different, all unique...

Iv'e been on a mission and made loads!!

Sunday 14 June 2015

Branching out

Two new poppy pieces this week to share. I enjoyed making my last wild poppy canvas so much I have just finished two more!
I have had several requests recently about where my work is available to buy. The main body of my work can be seen at Skyeworks gallery in Portree on the Isle of Skye.
 It is a beautiful natural light gallery and is wonderfully bright and spacious.

poppy croft mixed media on canvas at skyeworks gallery

Detail of the poppy croft

Recently the Owner Liza has opened another, smaller gallery in the south of the Island in Broadford.
 The Old pier Gallery  may be smaller but it is set in a beautiful situation looking out onto the Old pier.

Broadford old pier
 The wild shoreline is a haven for many wading birds  and the little fishing boats bob quietly in the clear water.
Wild greylag geese on the shoreline at Broadford

 If you can't visit the gallery in person my wild sewing pieces can be viewed on their facebook page . I think they look lovely grouped together.

New opportunities have arrived this week too as I have decided to branch out south of the border in England.
 For some time now I have been a regular traveller up and down between Scotland and the north of England,car crammed with art and art materials, so it seemed only fair that I should find a place to show south of the border.  I discovered a lovely little gallery in Lytham St Annes on the Fylde coast called Drift

 They already have a interesting workshop programme and workshop teaching is something which I have been considering for some time. Details have yet to be published but my workshops will begin all being well at the start of September. If you are interested contact Drift for further details. In the meantime my second poppy canvas is available from the gallery.

wild poppies

Monday 8 June 2015

In and out the dusky bluebells

Today is the the first day of 'Summer of Color' on-line yearly challenge.
It is my favourite on-line art challenge as each week of June a colour prompt opens the door to all sorts of colour exploration.

This weeks prompt is very fortunate for me!
Blue+ Blue+Green.
Fortunate in that over the last few weeks I have been our searching for bluebells as a reference for a bluebell collage/ painting

I was reminded of the childhood song ...

In and out the dusky bluebells
In and out the dusky bluebells
In and out the dusky bluebells
Who will be my partner?
Tippy tippy tap tap on your shoulder
Tippy tippy tap tap on your shoulder
Tippy tippy tap tap on your shoulder
You will be my partner

we called them dusky bluebells although I think some versions of the song use the word dusty. We also used the phrase 'won't you be my master?' not too politically correct these days so this is the friendly version ;)
  I thought creating a bluebell wood at dusk would be beautiful,So for the past few weeks I have been photographing bluebells while on my travels.

Bluebells are so  beautiful and fit perfectly with the 'Summer of color challenge'

In and out the dusky bluebells. mixed media on canvas

Thursday 4 June 2015


Busy sewing...

Three more wild sewing-scapes to add to the collection. I'm not sure 'sewing-scape' is a word, but it fits, so I'm using it!


Wild sewing is more than a little addictive, watching the machine needle whiz around the papercloth fills me with happiness!

I had a query  about how the reverse of the panel was finished,
So .....

Backed with felt and neatly blanket stitched. The embroidered papercloth is stretched over pre-cut MDF panels.

Just need to add a picture hook so it's ready to hang.

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