Tuesday 25 April 2017

Back to the workshop

Evening song, flown to new home

Been a long and busy winter but within the last few weeks I have finally got myself back in the workshop to start making new things. House renovations took over much of the winter and it is so lovely to paint pictures not walls!
My hard work is paying dividends as three of my 4 pieces in Skyeworks Gallery bird exhibition have sold and flown off to new homes.

Best friends
Best friends which also sold on the first day of the exhibition was one of three bird paperclay mosaics I made especially for the exhibition. They received such positive feedback I think I may make more! They are made by piecing together small handmade tiles often imprinted with wild flowers gathered from my garden, which I paint and then seal with various mediums.

Anyway, on to pastures new..
Skyeworks gallery where I work and exhibit most of my work opened a new mixed spring exhibition yesterday and I have three new pieces on show.

Staffin bay, watching the tide

These are two... twins possibly because they are both of a beautiful area on North Skye called Staffin bay.
Over to Staffin Island

Staffin bay.

Friday 7 April 2017

Exhibition news

well good intentions to blog regulary seem to have gone by the wayside, but here I am with a few minutes in the day spare to update my blog friends.

Its been a busy few months, during February and march I have had an Artist in the spotlight exhibition running in Aberdeen, at a small city centre gallery called Junction Arts.

One of my paper clay mosaics made for junction Arts gallery

I am really enjoying working in Skyeworks Gallery and over the winter have collaborated with the gallery owner to complete a year of Art events, the first of these opens on Monday 10th of April.

                                                        Image may contain: bird and text

It is a Bird Themed exhibition. I have four pieces on show...

a sneak preview???

Goldfinch and robin,