Sunday 30 August 2015

Wildflower printing

Taking pleasure in the simple things,

I have been printing  from nature using wild plants.
The prints from my printing press have turned out beautifully!

I used spritzing ink in a lovely shade of aubergine to spray the blooms and grasses.

I love the way some of the plants natural colour combined with the ink to make beautiful green shades.

This year has been a good year for wildflowers.

I also used my Gelli plate and acrylic paint in a neutral shade to print with grasses,

 When printed they look like Mediterranean  Cyprus trees standing, soldier-like in rows!

I have trying to find out more about Eco-dying fabric now I am discovering what wonderful prints can be made using plants. I think that may be my next stop on my journey......

See you soon! J

Monday 24 August 2015

Wild sewing, wild heather

Wild sewing
Warm violets
cushions of springy  Heather

Made in one long strip...

Then divided in two..

Heather twins!!!

Monday 17 August 2015

Fleeting beauty

I’ve been out hunting for wildflowers over the past few weeks,
Drawing them, Photographing them,
Printing  with them.
Capturing  their  fleeting beauty.

They change the colour and mood of the landscape.

I have used Fushias to make prints on paper with an old printing press I've managed to get hold of.

 Ferns leave their imprints on papercloth ,I may sew into it later.

I have also been busy wildsewing ........

Using vintage lace as well as papercloth.

 Thanks for visiting ;)

Sunday 9 August 2015

Foxgloves and Lighthouses.

Firstly I thought you may like a peep at my new display at Skyeworks Gallery in Portree.
 I love the way it looks and you may recognise some of my recent pieces. Skyeworks is a beautiful Gallery with a great Artisan bakery downstairs, if you are visiting Skye try their lunchbreads and cakes....delicious!

The weather continues to be gloomy, but in amongst the clouds and there are windows of sunshine, and when this happens I am out with my camera!
The hillsides seem to be covered in foxgloves this year... far more than normal,
My new piece is inspired by their cheerful exuberance!


A rare glimpse of sun

I had a trip to the most westerly edge of Skye last week...

Yes this is August...

The lighthouse is at Neist point on the Duirinish coast is set in wild and dramatic setting. The wind fiercely whistles in from the Atlantic.  This is one hardy foxglove!

 The lighthouse built in 1909 is no longer manned and can only be reached  by walking along a long steep path which winds ribbon-like over the exposed finger like peninsular. It is said the light can be seen over 20 miles away.
The path passes An t-Aigeach or as it is known’ the Stallions head’. A huge craggy cliff which has a sheer drop of 230 ft.

Not the weather for staying out for long....

The view from the single track cafe ( Duntulm)  Where they serve the best coffee on Skye!

Sunday 2 August 2015

Waiting and watching

 Little hare waits and watches in the long grass
collaged onto a wood panel....

A close up reveals his fur is made up of small pieces of bookpapers.....

I painted the surrounding frame red and gold to compliment the textured surface....
All ready for a new home.