Sunday 30 August 2015

Wildflower printing

Taking pleasure in the simple things,

I have been printing  from nature using wild plants.
The prints from my printing press have turned out beautifully!

I used spritzing ink in a lovely shade of aubergine to spray the blooms and grasses.

I love the way some of the plants natural colour combined with the ink to make beautiful green shades.

This year has been a good year for wildflowers.

I also used my Gelli plate and acrylic paint in a neutral shade to print with grasses,

 When printed they look like Mediterranean  Cyprus trees standing, soldier-like in rows!

I have trying to find out more about Eco-dying fabric now I am discovering what wonderful prints can be made using plants. I think that may be my next stop on my journey......

See you soon! J


  1. Super gorgeous..your prints are fantastic and magical. It is amazing the wonderful prints that can be made using nature and all kind of things! Thanks for sharing your beautiful process..stunning.

  2. Lovely prints, and I especially like the ones you have spritzed. I love trying new techniques too Morag, I just need more time and a bigger space to play in!

  3. Oh yes I love these, such a wonderful idea! I love your closeness with nature's beauty!

  4. love that print..and a printing press too lucky you

  5. oh my! the idea of spritzing the plant with ink...


  6. These are amazing...I bet they are very marketable... love how they turned out! Love Geli prints...I forget to use mine!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. So you're printing too but in a completely different way to me! ;) I love the print of the grasses, I see lots could be done with this! xx

  8. Ooh lovely prints, they have turned out beautifully - I love the change in colour too! Lately I've been printing using a heat press with heat sensitive inks but I think your results are better than mine - I haven't had anything I'm really happy with yet, but I'll persevere! Your old press is gorgeous - I have press envy!


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