Monday 24 August 2015

Wild sewing, wild heather

Wild sewing
Warm violets
cushions of springy  Heather

Made in one long strip...

Then divided in two..

Heather twins!!!


  1. I have only recently found your blog. I just love your art! Thank you for posting it.

  2. Beautiful colors in these pieces!!

  3. This is yet another favourite, everything you do is always filled with such wonderful texture and details that are so yummy for the eyes! Beautiful and so creative!

  4. Wow, so beautiful. Makes me wish I had a sewing machine!

  5. Gorgeous work yet again Morag, and when I first read your title for this post, I wanted to add a third bit, 'Wild weather'!! Not sure what you've been experiencing up north, but we've definitely been experiencing the wild weather, and sadly, no wild heather! It looks wonderful, as do your Heather Twins.

  6. Stunning! I do love heather and living right on the edge of the New Forest we have vast areas covered in nothing but Heather! It is just coming into it's own now and I love it most of all in the golden evening sunshine - it takes on a such a lovely coppery mauve glow. Your Heather pieces are beautiful.

  7. Not sure if my comment disappeared or not! Gorgeous heather a wonderful tribute to this flower. They will make be a stunning addition to the right decor!

    Hugs Giggles


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