Tuesday 13 January 2015

After the storm

The skies have been heavy with storms

The year has begun with a roar.

Not the weather for venturing far from shelter.

I have been sewing again, I find it comforting and therapeutic on these dark evenings.

 This piece was the begining of a happy accident, the sort of accident where despite failure something better comes along...

You know the feeling... we have an idea...it starts off well but then begins to go wrong. We struggle with it... but in the end realise it just isn't working...

I  had been contemplating how in my textile seascapes the sea never looks as water-like as I wanted it too. Fabric is just too matt.
 I decided to see if I could fix tin foil to fabric with bondaweb to add some watery sparkle.

Yay!!! It worked!!
 In fact it looked, once I had ironed the foil down to the backing fabric like cosmonaut suit material  ready to use for the next mission to mars!!

Then I made the mistake of adding seagull shapes. This didn't work but I did re-use some of the ink splattered foiled fabric.

 I sewed some sequins and pieced it patchwork fashion together with some fabric papers. I love the shimmery surface.

And below the finished textile panel.

I like the unfinished surround so may leave it like that when I decide how to frame it.

So busy this week totally forgot I needed a birthday card for my Mum.

So here is a super fast way to make one ...

Look through your paper stash for a nice paper napkin.....

Cut out and sew the poppy to some brown card...

Using a white marker draw a quick stem...
quick, easy and sweet......................... :)

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  1. i enjoyed seeing your experimentation, wow, some beautiful glimpses and finds along your way. love seeing the stitching mixed with paper for your mums card. very creative of you!

  2. You are an endless source of ingenious ideas! I love how the tin foil created the sparkle you wanted for the ocean especially with the sequins attached and that card is so clever, I'm sure your mum loved it.

  3. It turned out really well after all, I love it and have always admired textile crafting
    Bridget #1

  4. Morag your creative experiments look beautiful, I love that shimmery effect and that lovely card!

  5. Your textile panel is wonderful - the sea scape is so beautiful, the tin foil works really well to give it the shimmer you want.
    Love the simplicity of the card you made for your Mum - great idea :) x

  6. I love all the color and texture in your projects!!! Endlessly fascinating and I could look at them for hours!! Bravo!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #17

  7. I thought it looked like the seagulls were flying above the water...I wonder if your just not used to that perspective... Gorgeous seagull work and love the card!! Well done...lots of storms here too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Wonderful paper and textile projects and a very poetic blog post! I really love how you stitched around the poppy cut out of the napkin! Never seen that before! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #47

  9. A very interesting idea to fuse tin foil to fabric. The result is very cool. Cute card too :) Happy WOYWW Shel #56

  10. Goodness, that textured foil is absolutely stunning - I love what you've done with it, and I think the unfinished surround is perfect. I love the card you made too - so simple yet so clever and effective.

  11. Well, I do declare.....how amazing that you thought of tinfoil for that seascape! That wouldn't have dawned on me in a million years :-). But it's beautiful. I wouldn't have thought of using a sewn on bit of napkin for a card either, which only goes to show what I know, lol!
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  12. Your "happy foil accident" is such a pleasure to look at. What a wonderful idea!!!! It looks great in combination with the brown fabric and it's as well a phantastic inspiration as also the napkin flower on the brown card and the sea gulls flying in the storm. I read in the newspaper about the storm in Scotland. I hope you have a warm and secure place until it's over.

  13. Wonderful seeing your creative steps. Looks brilliant.
    sandra de @25

  14. LOVE the textile work, just gorgeous, and of course, the card is super, too! Valerie

  15. I really love to see your experimentations with textiles and the great final results you get, this has a wonderful sunlight glistening on the water effect and I like the addition of sequins too.
    I do like the painting you posted at the top, the colours, the words and the way you have captured how the seagulls float in the air.

  16. Your textile piece has made me want to get my sewing machine out again. Love the shimmery effect.

  17. It really turned out great! I love the white stem you added with marker too.

  18. Your recycling and redoing makes for lovely art work. I think the foil trick seems to have added depth and even more beauty. Also, love the poppy art.

  19. I loved that greeting card, I think you will copy this idea, Buenos work. Saludos

  20. Wow who would of thunk it tin foil and it looks fabulous too. We learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing. I hope your mother had a lovely birthday. Thanks for visiting us.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  21. Morag you are such a talent! I always like visiting your page! So many lovely projects to see! But I know that problem, that many ideas don't turn out like I saw them with my inner eye.
    Gabriele 32

  22. this experimenting has proven to be a fabulous idea and result! Clever use of napkin and sewing for a card too!

  23. It is a fab way to make a card, but for me...not at all quick...the thought of gettingthe machine out...!!
    The tin foil was a stroke of genius and then hole piece LOs great - and I like the bit with the seagulls on!

  24. Magical fabric art! Very beautiful!
    Happy PPF

  25. I love those accidents that turn into such treasures!! Just wow!! and then your quick and soooo gorgeous birthday card! You made me once again want a sewing machine so badly :) What an inspiring post! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  26. Your work is always so inspiring to me. The ideas for colours, compositions and chosen technique are great! Beautiful artist and beautiful art!


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