Sunday 25 November 2012

Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow

 Ive been busy over the past few weeks so am pleased I have eventually managed to finish this mixed media canvas. The north west coast of Scotland is dotted with beautiful pastel painted villages. This is Portree on the Isle of Skye. I love when on a still day the pastel colours are reflected on the sea creating abstract rainbow patterns.
 The canvas was built up in layers of paint and paper. I even used strips of the west Highland Free press, if you look carefully under the sea you can see fragments! Sorry the image isn't clearer, because of the length of the canvas I had trouble photographing it so I've included some detail pictures.

Detail showing torn paper strips

Reflecting rainbows

The girls hair is created by using pebeo metallic copper gel liner on top of torn paper strips

Gesso and paper layers



  1. Beautiful Morag - lovely and inventive use of the freebie paper! A fantastic abstract interpretation of Portree, beautiful colours! Love the wistful look on the girl, she reminds me a little bit of Kirsty.

  2. The vision of the rainbows from the reflections in the water is so entrancing. A lovely painting. I'm glad you included the close ups for a better look at it. Each one stands alone as a great image. Seeing this post is a great start to my day.


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