Saturday 12 January 2013

Goodbye Little Owl

New Home for Little Owl

Little owlscape, mixed media
My little owl has been waiting patiently for a home since August but now he is off, a special Birthday gift.. I made a Little Owl gift tag so little owl had a friend to keep him company in the big outside world. :)


  1. When I first saw this on your blog I thought it was gorgeous, the colours, the moonlight focusing on the owl, the interlacing network and the starry starry sky. And the little owl tag is cute, particularly the featherlight wings. Lucky recipient!

  2. Thanks Jez, the little owl is very happy in his new home:)

  3. Love the owl gift tag, nice addition to the birthday gift, agree with Jez, lucky recipient!

  4. Thanks Swirly :) I was unreasonably happy with my gift tag, perhaps I'll make other animals....The possibilities are endless!!

  5. Oh my goodness. These are the sweetest little owls. No wonder you speak of them with such love and tenderness.


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